1969, Wantastiquet Mountain, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Howls At Night


1969, Wantastiquet Mountain, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Howls At Night

While staying at his family cabin, Sam Medele, was awoken by a fierce noise. At first, Medele thought it was a wind storm that was whipping down from the mountain. But when he peered out the window, he saw a clear night sky. As the noise continued, he wrapped his robe around him and ventured out on the porch.

Once outside, the noise Medele heard was less like the wind and more like the howls of a horror movie monster. Medele aimed his flashlight around the trees surrounding his cabin. But he saw nothing.

The howls continued for nearly two hours, keeping Medele on edge the whole time. When he mentioned it to his neighbor the next day, his neighbor claimed that once a month those howls rip through the night. The popular opinion is that it was a Bigfoot mating call. Medele did not agree, that was no mating call, that was a warning cry.

2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night


2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night

Roberto Kira was camping with his soon to be wife at Henry’s Lake State Park. Shortly, before midnight Kira crawled out his tent to enjoy the last cigarette of the day.

As he stood a few feet away from the tent, so as not wake his soon to be wife, Kira heard rustling near the water. Kira has a deadly fear of skunks and thinks getting sprayed by a skunk would be the worst possible thing that could possible happen to a man, turned his back to the rustling.

A few minutes later, Kira heard a soft howl, almost a whimpering. When he pricked up his ear to get a better listen, the howling became full throated. Kira admits now he was scared.

The next morning his soon to be wife asked Kira if he heard the bigfoot howls the night before. Kira played dumb. Something he still regrets.

1970, Clackamas River, Oregon: Trucker Hears Screams


1970, Clackamas River, Oregon: Trucker Hears Screams

Doug Starlin was driving his pickup truck back from his mother’s house where he had just loaded up an old washing machine, when he heard some shrill, terrible screams.

He pulled to the side of the road and turned off his engine to get a better listen. The screaming came in three distinct bursts – one short screech, longer howl, and then a shorter screech again.

Starlin sat in his truck listening to the vocalizations for roughly 20 minutes, before they seemed to move away. They did not stop, they grew more distant and faint.

When Starlin described the screams to some friends, the three of them came to conclusion that it was most likely a couple Bigfoot communicating over a considerable distance.

1983, Backbone State Park, Iowa: Snowmobile Riders Hear Howls


1983, Backbone State Park, Iowa: Snowmobile Riders Hear Howls

While riding their rented snowmobiles along some trails in Backbone Park, Amanda and her brother Bert Vikingstone heard a deep, sonorous rumbling that caused them to stop. Fearing something was wrong with one of the motors of the snowmobiles, Bert cut his engine while ordering his sister to keep hers idling.

Listening carefully to the hum of the motor, Bert and Amanda were startled to hear the rumbling grow in pitch and volume. The noise became a whoop that shook the tree tops. Amanda turned off her snowmobile and the two siblings sat listening to the noisy undulations.

The whoop turned into a shriek before it suddenly ceased. Frightened now, the brother and sister started the snowmobiles, turned around and raced back the way they came.

Later, while Amanda tried to imitate the sound they heard, the owner of the snowmobile rental informed the pair that they were lucky because they had heard the cries of a Bigfoot. Some people wait their whole lives and never ever hear even a peep.

Amanda believed what they heard was a Bigfoot, while Bert remains incredulous.

2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks


2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks

Thomas Colhouse was hiking in Roxy Ann Peak before sunrise.  Colhouse enjoyed the quiet of his pre-dawn hikes.  But on this day, Colhouse was disturbed by a distant howling.

“It was unlike any animal noise I ever heard before,” Colhouse said, “Sounded so mournful and sad.”

Colhouse stopped to listen. He thought someone might be in distress. When the howling continued, it was accompanied by a sharp wood knocking.

“When I head the tree knocking,” Colhouse continued, “I knew it must have been a Bigfoot making those noises. I heard them once before, back when I was younger. That same sad howling followed by the inhuman sound of a powerful blow upon a hollow tree stump.”

Once Colhouse concluded that the howling was some distance away from him, he continued his planned hike without incident.

1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident


1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident

Jeff German and several friends rented a cabin for the week at Lake Tappan, Ohio.  The second night they were staying there, Pickles the dog, woke the friends by barking and scraping at the back door.  Thinking that Pickles needed to go out to do her filthy business, Jeff let the dog out.  As soon as the door was open, Pickles nosed her way through and bolted off into the woods.  She was heard barking and growling and yelping.  No amount of calling or shaking the treats bag brought her back.

The following morning, Pickles was back.  While she was unharmed, she was covered, head to toe, in mud.  Plus no amount of washing was able to wash out the terrible stink.

That night, everyone was woken, again, by howling.  Thinking it was Pickles, again, Jeff got up.  He found the dog sitting quietly at the back door, softly whining.  The howling was coming from outside.  It sounded like a lady screeching and a hog’s panicked snorting.  Jeff was pretty sure that was the sound a Bigfoot would make.

When the others got up, Jeff convinced them to let him take the large ripe watermelon out for the creature.  Suspecting the Jeff had misidentified the noises, they humored him.  They watched through aimed flash light beams, as Jeff lugged the 6 pound melon out to the tree line.

After Jeff put the melon down on a fallen log and turned to walk back, he heard a large creature plowing through the underbrush.  Jeff turned just in time to see the watermelon fly over his head to hit the side of the cabin.  The melon exploded to the scared cheers of the others who had gathered just outside the door.

Jeff was prepared the following night.  When the Bigfoot returned and started knocking on trees and howling and making such a general ruckus that no one could sleep, Jeff grabbed the huge pumpkin he bought hours before.  He carried out to the same spot.  Again, he heard the monster approach the pumpkin.  He heard the snorting and sniffing, then to his surprise, saw the pumpkin arc through the night sky.  The pumpkin smashed onto the roof.  It damaged several roof tiles.

Jeff was dually surprised because he was certain that Bigfoot loved pumpkins and the pumpkin damage was sufficient enough to them to lose their security deposit.

1987, Potholes Park, Washington: Cabin Renters Hear Howls and Tree Splitting


1987, Potholes Park, Washington: Cabin Renters Hear Howls and Tree Splitting

While staying in cabin 62 with his wife and their dog, Minion, Jack Trobleson hears some disturbing noises that he later attributes to Bigfoot.

On the second night of their week long stay, Minion starts barking and lunging at the door around 3 a.m. Jack dresses quickly and grabs his flashlight. Peeping out the side window, he yells and shines the light, hoping to scare off whatever animal is out there. But Minion does not let up.

Jack’s wife has grown angry at being woken up and demands that Jack, “fix it.”

Jack exits the cabin and walks around outside. While he does not see anything, he does hear some terrible, unearthly howling and moaning coming from the woods just beyond the picnic tables.

Two night later, the couple is woken up again by the sound of trees being broken or split in half.

“It sounded like something was out there crushing wood. Not like a machine, but like a monster,” Jack wrote to his friend. The next morning, Jack and Minion went looking around in the woods, but found no evidence of any tree violence. Though, Minion get get a scent of something that made him cower and run back to the cabin.

“I mean it had to be a Bigfoot, right?” Jack asked with some concern.