1987, Potholes Park, Washington: Cabin Renters Hear Howls and Tree Splitting


1987, Potholes Park, Washington: Cabin Renters Hear Howls and Tree Splitting

While staying in cabin 62 with his wife and their dog, Minion, Jack Trobleson hears some disturbing noises that he later attributes to Bigfoot.

On the second night of their week long stay, Minion starts barking and lunging at the door around 3 a.m. Jack dresses quickly and grabs his flashlight. Peeping out the side window, he yells and shines the light, hoping to scare off whatever animal is out there. But Minion does not let up.

Jack’s wife has grown angry at being woken up and demands that Jack, “fix it.”

Jack exits the cabin and walks around outside. While he does not see anything, he does hear some terrible, unearthly howling and moaning coming from the woods just beyond the picnic tables.

Two night later, the couple is woken up again by the sound of trees being broken or split in half.

“It sounded like something was out there crushing wood. Not like a machine, but like a monster,” Jack wrote to his friend. The next morning, Jack and Minion went looking around in the woods, but found no evidence of any tree violence. Though, Minion get get a scent of something that made him cower and run back to the cabin.

“I mean it had to be a Bigfoot, right?” Jack asked with some concern.

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