1959, Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania: Cub Scouts Terrorized


1959, Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania: Cub Scouts Terrorized

Scout Master Frank Diniz was awoken around 3:30 AM by the screams of several of his Cub Scouts. He bolted from his tent to find several of the 11 year old boys crying and running around in a circle waving their arms over their head. Diniz used his whistle and flashlight to gather the hysterical boys into a line. Diniz then questioned the boys.

The story he heard frightened him as well.

Several of the boys were awakened from their sleep by a thundering growl and then a violent shaking of their tent. They thought it was a prank being played by their friends, until the tent itself was torn from over them and thrown into a tree.  Looming over them as a huge Bigfoot. It snarled and then screamed a horrible scream at them. Two of the boys shut their eyes and never really saw the creature, while the other two only remember the teeth or its glowing eyes, respectively.

Diniz searched the area, but only found the tent in the tree. The ground was too dry for any good prints.

The next morning, Diniz cut the camping weekend short and got his troop out of the park.

1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection


1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection

Lee John Horton was 11 years old when his parents took him to Castlewood Canyon. He was super bored and acting out. So parents made him sit on a rock near a little creek and waterfall, while the hiked around.

Horton was wearing a brand new watch. It was a bit too big for him and he thought it was heavy on his wrist so he took it off. That is when he noticed that the back of the watch face reflected the sun brilliantly.

As he played around aiming the reflection along the rocks and hitting the waterfall, he noticed a creature’s head. At first he thought it was just a beaver, but then it turned and he saw its face. Horton knew he was looking a Bigfoot sitting among the rocks.

Instead of being frightened, Horton aimed his watch reflection at the Bigfoot. It took a few minutes to get the aim just right, but finally Horton managed to get the reflection right in the face of the monster.

After a few minutes, of swatting its huge paws around and rubbing its face, the Bigfoot stood up to its full height. It looked over toward Horton, how threw himself flat among the rocks, trying to hide. Horton heard a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the Bigfoot screamed at him in agitation.

When Horton peaked his head up, the Bigfoot was gone. To this day, Horton still does not feel bad about teasing the gentle Bigfoot.

1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot


1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot


Ally Sheedy was on vacation after the premier of St. Elmo’s Fire. She and some friends were hanging around Shaver Lake. While sunbathing in the late afternoon, Sheedy claims she heard a terrible noise, like someone struggling to breathe. When she sat up she saw two glowing red eyes looking at her from the nearby bushes.

Thinking her friends were playing a trick on her, Sheedy stood up and started to walk toward the bushes. That is when the creature hiding there let loose with a terrifying scream that froze Sheedy and caused goosebumps on her arms.

Sheedy gasp and ran back to where the cars were parked. She refused to leave the car for the rest of the weekend.

To this day, Sheedy will acknowledge the encounter, but refuses to really discuss it.

1970, Clackamas River, Oregon: Trucker Hears Screams


1970, Clackamas River, Oregon: Trucker Hears Screams

Doug Starlin was driving his pickup truck back from his mother’s house where he had just loaded up an old washing machine, when he heard some shrill, terrible screams.

He pulled to the side of the road and turned off his engine to get a better listen. The screaming came in three distinct bursts – one short screech, longer howl, and then a shorter screech again.

Starlin sat in his truck listening to the vocalizations for roughly 20 minutes, before they seemed to move away. They did not stop, they grew more distant and faint.

When Starlin described the screams to some friends, the three of them came to conclusion that it was most likely a couple Bigfoot communicating over a considerable distance.

1973, Stone State Park, Iowa: Hikers Hear Bigfoot Screams


1973, Stone State Park, Iowa: Hikers Hear Bigfoot Screams

While hiking in Stone State Park, Tim Phelby and Elaine Davidson, got an overwhelming feeling that they were being followed.

At first they chalked it up to a pot induced paranoia. After all, they were in a public park, it was entirely possible that other people were behind them on the trail.

But Elaine, being much more in tune with the paranormal, got an oppressive feeling. The only other time she felt similar feelings was when she and Tim were at the Indian Graveyard.

Elaine begged Tim to stop so she might try and contact whatever spirit was stalking them. But Tim remained intent upon moving ahead. The couple bickered back and forth. As the discussion got more heated and a bit louder, Tim was startled by a loud shriek coming from behind them.

At first it sounded like something from Mutual Of Ohama’s Wild Kingdom. The next scream was even louder and closer. Elaine started shaking and called out for the restless spirits to rest. But Tim knew after the next scream, they were hearing the mating call of the North American Sasquatch.

When the two emerged from their hike, they remained divided over what exactly they heard. And continued to contradict each other whenever they retold their encounter.

1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island: Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures


1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island:  Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures

Georgia Frohschammer was driving along through South Kingston Forest around dusk.  When she slowed to allow for a group of birds to flutter away out of the road, she noticed out the passenger window, several large structures.

“The looked like art objects, you know?  Big round cocoons made from interwoven twigs and branches,” Frohschammer recalled.

She pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look, “I just thought, ‘Well, now, if some young person or local artist went to all that trouble to put these things here, why should I not get a better look at them? You understand, I simply adore public artwork.”

“But as I approached the structures, I was immediately put off by the simply horrid smell and the abundance of flies.  It was just all so overwhelming, I was forced to turn around and head back toward my car.  And that is when I heard it…,” Georgia Frohschammer pauses visibly shaken by recalling the memory, “just the most piercing scream, I have ever heard and I worked as a midwife in Africa for many years.”

The scream made Georgia double her pace to the car, “Once inside, I do admit that I sped off.  Quite over the posted legal limits.”

2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams


2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams

Lindsay Ortega was hiking in Plumas National Forest just off Bean Clipper Road, when she started hearing some mysterious screams in the distance.  Ortega did not think too much about the screams, dismissing them as animals or maybe teenagers being rowdy.

Later in the day, she noticed that the screams started up again.  Only this time she noted that the screams were louder and closer.  She, also, thought that these were not any man made screams.  They had to be an animal of some variety.  She grew slightly nervous.

As she decided to turn around and start the hike back, the screams got so loud that she thought her ear drums were damaged.  It was then that she claimed she caught a glimpse of a 10 to 12 foot creature with a multicolored coat, step out from between two trees.  The creature had its head back and was screeching into the air.

Ortega became so startled that she started to scream too.  Which she thinks so startled the Bigfoot, who had clearly not seen her, otherwise she knew it would have attacked her.  The startled Bigfoot cried out like it was in pain, before bolting off deeper into the woods.