1969, Malheur National Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot Pulls Ponytails of Hikers


1969, Malheur National Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot Pulls Ponytails of Hikers

Hippies, Gerry Klein and John Cielo, were smoking marijuana and hiking in Malheur Forest. They had stopped to eat some granola that Cielo’s old lady packed for them.

Suddenly, a large ape creature leaped over a nearby boulder and ran up to the two hippies. The pair immediately recognized the creature as a Bigfoot. Klein tried to offer the creature some of their granola, but the monster wanted none of that nuts and berries bullshit.

Angered that the two humans did not have junk food on them, the Bigfoot pulled the hippie’s ponytails really hard. Cielo claimed to have “a headache for like a week,” while Klein said the hair tug really “harshed his mellow.”

Once the Bigfoot pulled their hair, the hippies said it bounced off over the rocks, presumably looking for junk food else where.


1969, Wantastiquet Mountain, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Howls At Night


1969, Wantastiquet Mountain, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Howls At Night

While staying at his family cabin, Sam Medele, was awoken by a fierce noise. At first, Medele thought it was a wind storm that was whipping down from the mountain. But when he peered out the window, he saw a clear night sky. As the noise continued, he wrapped his robe around him and ventured out on the porch.

Once outside, the noise Medele heard was less like the wind and more like the howls of a horror movie monster. Medele aimed his flashlight around the trees surrounding his cabin. But he saw nothing.

The howls continued for nearly two hours, keeping Medele on edge the whole time. When he mentioned it to his neighbor the next day, his neighbor claimed that once a month those howls rip through the night. The popular opinion is that it was a Bigfoot mating call. Medele did not agree, that was no mating call, that was a warning cry.

1969, Redwood State Park, California: Man Sees Blurry Figure


1969, Redwood State Park, California: Man Sees Blurry Figure

David Keys hiked up to a overhang to get a better scenic view of a valley in Redwood State Park. As he scanned the vista and dug through his napsack looking for his sketch book, Keys caught a glimpse of something very strange.

Racing down the steep, flat front of a rock face was a figure that looked half man, half beast. At first, Keys thought it was an animal that might have taken a tumble. But as he watched it move down the incline, Keys was convinced that it was no normal animal.

For one thing, it was much too large to be a bear or goat. And for another thing, it was moving too quickly and agilely to be falling. When the creature got to the loose rocky bottom of the incline it steadied itself before racing off out of sight.

When Keys described what he saw, his Park Ranger friend agreed that it might have been a Bigfoot. There had been several other reports of strange ape or bear like creatures running around the park.