1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident


1994, Lake Tappan, Ohio: The Pumpkin Tossing Bigfoot Incident

Jeff German and several friends rented a cabin for the week at Lake Tappan, Ohio.  The second night they were staying there, Pickles the dog, woke the friends by barking and scraping at the back door.  Thinking that Pickles needed to go out to do her filthy business, Jeff let the dog out.  As soon as the door was open, Pickles nosed her way through and bolted off into the woods.  She was heard barking and growling and yelping.  No amount of calling or shaking the treats bag brought her back.

The following morning, Pickles was back.  While she was unharmed, she was covered, head to toe, in mud.  Plus no amount of washing was able to wash out the terrible stink.

That night, everyone was woken, again, by howling.  Thinking it was Pickles, again, Jeff got up.  He found the dog sitting quietly at the back door, softly whining.  The howling was coming from outside.  It sounded like a lady screeching and a hog’s panicked snorting.  Jeff was pretty sure that was the sound a Bigfoot would make.

When the others got up, Jeff convinced them to let him take the large ripe watermelon out for the creature.  Suspecting the Jeff had misidentified the noises, they humored him.  They watched through aimed flash light beams, as Jeff lugged the 6 pound melon out to the tree line.

After Jeff put the melon down on a fallen log and turned to walk back, he heard a large creature plowing through the underbrush.  Jeff turned just in time to see the watermelon fly over his head to hit the side of the cabin.  The melon exploded to the scared cheers of the others who had gathered just outside the door.

Jeff was prepared the following night.  When the Bigfoot returned and started knocking on trees and howling and making such a general ruckus that no one could sleep, Jeff grabbed the huge pumpkin he bought hours before.  He carried out to the same spot.  Again, he heard the monster approach the pumpkin.  He heard the snorting and sniffing, then to his surprise, saw the pumpkin arc through the night sky.  The pumpkin smashed onto the roof.  It damaged several roof tiles.

Jeff was dually surprised because he was certain that Bigfoot loved pumpkins and the pumpkin damage was sufficient enough to them to lose their security deposit.

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