2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile


2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile

Snowmobile enthusiast, Allen Shannon, had just unloaded his brand new snowmobile from his truck’s trailer. Shannon was about to start the snowmobile up, when he saw out of the corner of his eye a large brown creature moving toward him.

Fearing that a brown bear was coming at him, Shannon quickly got back into his truck and started the engine. As he sat there, he watched as a large Bigfoot walked up to his brand new snowmobile. The creature sniffed it a few times and batted at it with its hands. Then Shannon gasped in horror as the Bigfoot picked up the 100s of pounds of recreational vehicle, lifted it over its head, then slammed the machine to the ground.

The snowmobile seemed to explode into a million, trillion pieces. The Bigfoot kicked at some of the scraps, grunted a few times, then kept on walking as if nothing happened.

When Shannon reported the destruction of his property, he was informed that snowmobiles were not allowed in the Great Burn area, any longer.

2010, Payette National Forest, Idaho: Bigfoot Tears Up Saplings


2010, Payette National Forest, Idaho: Bigfoot Tears Up Saplings

Park Ranger George Guenther was checking on a new growth area in Payette National Forest. He was charged with counting the new saplings.

As Guenther sat in his jeep making notes on his grid, he was suddenly surprised to see a figure come bounding through the area. The creature was clearly a Bigfoot given its massive size and two foot long stride.

Guenther watched in horror as the monster started pulling up the new little trees. It would swing the uprooted sapling over its head then let the tree fly through the air in random directions.

Guenther counted four trees destroyed this way, before in his anger he started honking the horn and flashing his lights. The Bigfoot was scared off and ran back they way it had come.

In hindsight, Guenther feels lucky the creature did not attack his jeep.

2011, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Family Sees Bigfoot in Rear View Mirror


2011, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Family Sees Bigfoot in Rear View Mirror

The Singh family was on its way home from a vacation around Priest Lake State Park. As the car sped along the two lane road, little Veronica Singh yelled. She claimed to have seen a Bear Man on the side of the road.

Everyone in the car turned around to look, except Nip Singh who was driving. Nip looked in the rear view mirror.

Sure enough, about 100 yards behind the family’s SUV was a 12 to 14 foot Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road. Jamie Singh begged his father to stop the car so they could try and get a better look, but his mother Jenny Singh told her husband that he better not stop.

The car actually sped up and the Bigfoot got smaller and smaller as the family drove farther away.

2010, Harriman State Park, Idaho: Hikers See Bigfoot


2010, Harriman State Park, Idaho: Hikers See Bigfoot

Amy Castelli and Debbie Handy were hiking along the Heart Attack Hill trail. They were talking about tv shows and the new job the Handy applied for but had not heard anything back, when the saw something moving near the river bed.

Castelli at first thought it was a hunter or maybe a man in a camouflage suit. But Handy, who admittedly has better eyesight, recognized the figure as a Bigfoot right away.

Handy put her arm out to stop Castelli from taking another step. They both stood absolutely still, holding their breath, watching as the Bigfoot sloshed around in the wetlands around the riverbed.

The creature splashed around a bit more, taking no notice of the two ladies near by watching it. Eventually, the Bigfoot turned and ran at top speed off across the opposite field and disappeared into the trees.

Castelli and Handy love to recount how they had a hiking date with Bigfoot. Though, it is possible that the Bigfoot would characterize it as a date.

2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night


2001, Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho: Bigfoot Howls Heard in the Night

Roberto Kira was camping with his soon to be wife at Henry’s Lake State Park. Shortly, before midnight Kira crawled out his tent to enjoy the last cigarette of the day.

As he stood a few feet away from the tent, so as not wake his soon to be wife, Kira heard rustling near the water. Kira has a deadly fear of skunks and thinks getting sprayed by a skunk would be the worst possible thing that could possible happen to a man, turned his back to the rustling.

A few minutes later, Kira heard a soft howl, almost a whimpering. When he pricked up his ear to get a better listen, the howling became full throated. Kira admits now he was scared.

The next morning his soon to be wife asked Kira if he heard the bigfoot howls the night before. Kira played dumb. Something he still regrets.

1978, Winchester Lake State Park, Idaho: Snow Shoer Sees Bigfoot


1978, Winchester Lake State Park, Idaho: Snow Shoer Sees Bigfoot

Adam Farkas was camping for a week in Winchester State Park. He had signed up to learn how to snowshoe. After a lesson and two group trips, Farkas headed out on his own.

He had been walking for about 25 minutes when he stopped for a cigarette. As Farkas stood there trying to find his matches, he noticed something pop up from behind a snowbank not too far from him. Farkas was surprised because it looked like a giant hairy apeman covered in snow slowly stood up.

The creature puffed itself up and then shook like a wet dog all the snow from its brown fur. It raised its arms over its head in a morning stretch. Then the Bigfoot arched its back and yawned a terrible and loud yawn.

Farkas felt the unlit cigarette fall from his open mouth. He found himself praying that the monster did not notice him, nor was it hungry after it first woke up. Luckily for Fakas, the creature just turned and strolled off into the trees, slowly scratching its butt.

1983, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Dried Flower Bunches Left by Bigfoot


1983, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Dried Flower Bunches Left by Bigfoot

James Connie set up a series of Bigfoot traps in and around Priest Lake. He was encouraged to do so by several sightings and documented Bigfoot prints that he cast in plaster.

Connie’s traps consisted of raw and cooked whole chickens, with a trigger and suspended net. Connie planned on purchasing photographic equipment as soon as he could save the money.

In the meantime, these net traps were the best he could do. After several weeks of setting up the traps and returning with no results other than rotten chickens, Connie found something that excites him to this day.

In one of the traps in the most remote location in the woods that Connie only checked twice a month, he found the gift. Both chickens were completely devoured. Only a few bones remained scattered around. Hanging from the ropes in the net were bunches of dried flowers. Meticulous placed with a delicate touch so as not to spring the trap.

The dried flower bunches were beautiful wild flowers. When Connie had the flowers identified by his friend, a local florist, he was amazed to discover most of the flowers came from miles away – if not other areas of the nation. Connie developed the theory that a Bigfoot must carry these flowers around either to make gifts of them or as seasoning for whatever food it might scavenge.

Naysayers claim the dried flowers were placed there by kids. Others claim Connie is lying and found the flower arrangements in a dumpster behind the party center after a wedding and created the story around them. Connie’s traps never have trapped anything else.

1921, Post Falls, Idaho: Dr. Otis Sherman Arrested for False Claims


1921, Post Falls, Idaho: Dr. Otis Sherman Arrested for False Claims

Dr. Otis Sherman was a traveling confidence man of some infamy.  Throughout 1919 Sherman traveled up and down the East Coast,  in a horse drawn carnival car selling an elixir he purported would increase intelligence, virility, and cure rickets.  When several lawsuits were filed against him, it was nearly impossible for him to pull into a town without the local authorities taking notice.

Sherman moved West. Slowly making his way across the county, Sherman perfected his new scheme of selling Wild Sasquatch Milk. Basically, Sherman sold water mixed with a bit of chalk and onion stirred in. Claiming that he kept a female Bigfoot chained up in the woods just outside of town. A thing that would be cruel if the female Bigfoot were not so dreadfully terrified by human contact and would stop her from producing the magical potion. This Bigfoot Milk would shrink enlarged kidneys, clarify blurry eyesight, and quiet all chest complaints.

His final mistake occurred in Post Falls, Idaho.  After a lively afternoon of hacking his quackery, Sherman decided to stay the night in town since they had a first class hotel and it had been weeks since he slept on a real mattress.  Some of the young men from the town mustered up enough bravery to head out into the woods to see this Bigfoot for themselves. After several hours of searching and finding nothing, the young men returned.

The group stomped into Sherman’s room and demanded proof of the Bigfoot. Sherman hemmed and hawed and grew somewhat agitated – a ploy that usually allowed him a speedy escape. But this time, one of the young men happened to be the sheriff’s boy. So when the sheriff arrived at the disturbance, he gave Sherman a choice, either produce the Bigfoot or stay in jail until he would.

After spending three days in jail, Sherman admitted that there was no Bigfoot. At which point he was arrested on making false claims and confidence schemes.  A month later, at his trial, Sherman claimed that angels had told him divine secrets and if he did not turn his life around he would burn in hell. The jury believed him and did not convict him. Though he did have to repay any money to people who wanted a refund.

Unsurprisingly, few people who purchased the Bigfoot Milk came forth to demand a refund from the now Holy Seer, Dr. Otis Sherman.