1978, Clifford Township, Pennsylvania: Hazel LaBrecque Life of the Bigfoot Party


1978, Clifford Township, Pennsylvania: Hazel LaBrecque Is the Life of the Bigfoot Party

First fascinated by the legend of the Sasquatch when he was still in grade school, Hazel LaBrecque, became obsessed once he hit puberty.  It was all he would talk about and all he would think about.  When he was not at home or at school, he was wandering the woods looking for Bigfoot or evidence of its existence.

LaBrecque tried to organize hunting parties with his few friends.  Most of them used the hikes into the woods as good excuses to drink beers, smoke the wacky tobacky, and otherwise party down.  Soon LaBrecque’s Bigfoot expeditions were popular with all sorts of his classmates. LaBrecque never seemed to catch on or maybe he just did not care about the party attitudes, as long as he had people helping him search and listen to his theories.

Upon graduation, LaBrecque continued to lead weekend expeditions, but as the years passed he started to notice that all his Bigfoot enthusiasts were getting younger and younger.  The idea of leading teenagers into the woods to hunt for Bigfoot while they drank beers, smoked wacky tobacky, and sang songs on acoustic guitars felt weird to him.

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