2011, Capitol State Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Chases Shadow People


2011, Capitol State Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Chases Shadow People

Trevor Reichard was in Capitol State Forest waiting for a friend to bring him something in a box. While Trevor smoked his third cigarette, he heard a tremendous crash then saw three blurry figures rush by. The figures barely had and shape, but still looked like people. Shadows of people.

Then a second later, a huge Bigfoot came plowing through the underbrush. The Bigfoot was racing full speed, all its focus was on those floating, shadow figures.

Reichard watched as the Bigfoot continued to chase the shadow figures, even when they flew into the trees and seemed about to take off into the sky. The massive creature leaped into the trees and swung like Tarzan from tree to tree.

To this day, Reichard is not sure what those shadow people were, but he is convinced that Bigfoot is on our side against them.



1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill


1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill

Mildred Sabell went looking for her husband, John Sabell, who had not come home after his shift. Mildred suspected that Mr. Sabell was drinking at the Social Hall up the hill from their house. Mildred climbed the hill, muttering a combination of Slovak curses and English prayers.

Just as Mildred got to the bend in the road, she was startled. Standing on the side of the road, cloaked in the shadows of the trees, was a monstrous figure. As she started to say something, the creature stood to its full height of 15 or 20 feet. Its head the size of a car hood. It smelled like a septic and rubbish.

It growled at Mildred, who jumped up and screamed all at once. Before any of the men in the social hall heard her cries, she turned and started to run down the hill. She was in tears as she heard the massive fleshy slaps of the creatures bare feet hitting the road.

Mildred ran faster when she caught a glimpse of her porch light in the distance. She, also, thought she heard the drunken yelling of the men behind her. But it was hard to tell over the heavy breathing hooting that the monster chasing. Mildred raced through the backyard, ducking under the laundry lines, and into the house. The monster, not knowing about the laundry lines, howled and hollered as it got tangled up. It pulled one of the stakes out of the ground and dragged it off with it as it ran back into the woods.

When John Sabell got home seconds later, he was laughing and out of breath. To this day, Mildred’s Race with Bigfoot is a matter of conjecture. Some say she was the victim of a cruel prank by some of the town’s men, while others claim she barely survived a dangerous encounter with a Bigfoot!

1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered


1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered

Bryce Willis and Gabe Dieter were hiking in the Pocono Mountains. The two high school students planned this hike as their last summer adventure before started the following week.

Gabe was an avid fan of local legends and the cryptids of the Poconos, while Bryce was a nonbeliever who often teased Gabe about it. Bryce suggested that as the sun went down the two try to contact any Bigfoot that may be around. After some persuading, Gabe agreed to some tree knocking and Bigfoot calling.

Bryce hooted and hooted and hooted in a manner that Gabe found potentially offensive to the Bigfoot. When Gabe tried to get Bryce to stop using that particular holler. This delighted Bryce who increased the volume and sing-songy nature of the holler.

Gabe started to shout at Bryce, begging him to stop teasing the Bigfoot. Just as Bryce broke down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, the forest seemed to part like a curtain. Bounding toward the boy’s encampment was a huge gray and brown Bigfoot. It was swinging its arms, its teeth bared, and growling a menacing growl.

Dumbfounded the boys were unable to run any faster away from the beast. The Bigfoot chased them for nearly half a mile before disappearing back into the woods. Gabe and Bryce never told anyone about their encounter until years later. Bryce remained convinced that Gabe at set the whole thing up as a stunt to scare Bryce. Gabe neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House


1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House

Turner Gipson was hiking not far from his trailer off Boone Road. Gipson noticed a lot of branches, leaves, and other broken under bush surrounding one tree. This particular tree was large and old. It was sturdy and tall.

As Gipson peered up, he thought he saw movement in the branches. The harder he focused, he was able to determine that he was looking at some sort of shanty structure. Figuring some kids in the area made themselves a tree fort, Gipson laughed and kept walking.

A few minutes later, he heard someone coming toward him. Since it was getting dark out earlier in the day, he thought nothing of it. Probably just a neighbor walking by. Gipson called out. A guttural growl responded.

Gipson knew he saw no dog with the hulking massive black shadow that approached him.  He called out again. This time he saw the glowing eyes of an ape. Then he saw the full details of a massive Bigfoot racing toward him.

Gipson ran and ran. He later figured out that the Bigfoot was protecting its tree house home. When he returned to the tree a few days later, the structure was gone as was all evidence.

1977, Whitehall, New York: Police Officer Chases Bigfoot


1977, Whitehall, New York: Police Officer Chases Bigfoot

Officer Delano Berube was running a radar speed trap along Ryder Road, about a mile south of Tub Mountain near Whitehall, New York.  It was early morning and there was not much traffic.  Officer Berube had his widow cracked as there was a light rain falling.

“That is when I first heard the screaming,” Berube, now retired told a table of Sasquatch Hunters at a recent convention, “Sounded like a wild animal and one of those ladies in the horror pictures.”

“I shut off the engine to get a better bead on the direction of the screams and was just about to radio it in, when the bushes a few feet in front of my cruiser shook like we were in a terrible winter storm, unnatural like.  Especially, since there was hardly a breeze that morning.”

“I turned on my headlights and that must have startled it.  Because out from the bush, stepping right on to the road, was an 8 foot hairy creature.  The life I lead flashed before my eyes when we two locked gazes.  It was pure evil, I could feel its chilly soul in that hungry gaze.”

“If you remember, I had switched off my cruiser, which I realized when the beast started toward me.  In a pure moment of training, I flipped on the overhead cherries and siren.  The Bigfoot stopped dead in the road.  It threw its hands up over its ears.   Then turned its left shoulder down, just like a running back would the moment of a hand off.”

“I knew it planned on ramming right into my cruiser, but its pause was just enough time for me to start the car and throw her into drive.  I peeled out.  Just was the creature was about to shoulder into my hood, I took evasive maneuver and the damn thing hit the side of the car instead.  Banged it up good.  Had to replace the door, in fact.”

“I half expected the car to flip, but it kept going.  The creature took chase, it was fast enough to stay about three car lengths behind me.  Grunting and growling the whole time.  It finally broke off when I crossed over Wood Creek.  Damned thing just stopped and screeched bloody murder.”

Officer Berube’s story was not believed by many on the force and the resulting repair to his cruiser was docked from his pay.

1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man


1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man

Twin sisters, Crystal and Patricia Sosa, were traveling by snowmobile between St. Mary’s and Mt. Village.  It was dusk and the two came from a birthday celebration for their co-worker, Randy Lee Booth.

Crystal was driving since her twin sister, Patricia, was too impaired to drive.  Though the level of impairment remains a matter of some disagreement.

It was Patricia who first saw the shadowy figure racing after them, “It came straight behind us.  Bounding right a long the tracks we left in the snowy mud. At first, I paid little attention to it, thinking it was just some dude.”

“But when the thing started to catch up with us,” Crystal interrupted.

“Can I finish my story?” Patricia snapped.

“Hurry up, then,” Crystal tsk tsked with her tongue, “She always tells the roundabout.”

“I do NOT!”

“What my sister means to say is that, she screamed holy hell, a screech like a trapped wolf,” Crystal said.

“Like a banshee, Mom would say,” Patricia chuckled, “Anyway, as it got closer, I could tell it was another one of those Bigfoot creatures.”

“Mr. Toth has had such a terrible time keeping those monsters out of his chicken house.  They make the most horrible mess of all the waste pails too,” Crystal added matter-of-factually.

“Well, when I screamed, it made Crystal hit the gas and we sped off.  The Bigfoot waved its arms like we were leaving our purses behind, but I could tell it was a trick to get us to stop so it might eat us.”

“Or worse.”

“Or worse,” Patricia agreed.

1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Boy Chased After Fishing Trip


1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee:Boy Chased After Fishing Trip

Mark Science tells the following story from his childhood, growing up in the Smokies.

He loved to fish the river about a mile from his house.  Mark loved it so much he would wake up hours before dawn  just to get some fishing in before he went to school.  Even in the pre-dawn dark, Mark knew the way to his favorite spot.  He even knew where the path dipped low and there was always a deep puddle, which if you stepped in you sank up to your belt buckle.

Mark had fished for maybe 45 minutes and caught a good number of fish, when he heard what sounded like a whole group of men coming through the woods.  Quite a loud commotion with shuffling leaves, breaking tree branches, and all sorts of huffing and puffing.

Knowing better than to mess with any of the men who drank all night on the ridge and lived in the hollows, Mark sank into the nearby underbrush, hiding as best he could.  From his muddy hiding place, he watched as the darkness parted and a huge monster appeared out of the woods.

The creature, probably 12 feet tall and covered in dark black hair, sniffed the air.  Its huge nostrils puffing up to snort like his grandfather did after dinner when he dozed off on the couch.  Then cocking its head, the monster turned to where Mark had his morning’s catch hanging from a tree.

The creature grabbed the fish and devoured them all in two big gnashing bites.  Watching as fish parts flew in all directions, mark got incredibly scared and bolted out from the safety of his hiding place.  He ran with all his might.

The creature grunted in disgusted and chased him.  Mark never ran so fast in his life, but he remembered with the sinkhole was and nimbly dodged it.  The creature was not so lucky.  The last Mark heard of the monster was a powerful howl and water splashing.