2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams


2010, Plumas National Forest, California: Girl Hears Bigfoot Screams

Lindsay Ortega was hiking in Plumas National Forest just off Bean Clipper Road, when she started hearing some mysterious screams in the distance.  Ortega did not think too much about the screams, dismissing them as animals or maybe teenagers being rowdy.

Later in the day, she noticed that the screams started up again.  Only this time she noted that the screams were louder and closer.  She, also, thought that these were not any man made screams.  They had to be an animal of some variety.  She grew slightly nervous.

As she decided to turn around and start the hike back, the screams got so loud that she thought her ear drums were damaged.  It was then that she claimed she caught a glimpse of a 10 to 12 foot creature with a multicolored coat, step out from between two trees.  The creature had its head back and was screeching into the air.

Ortega became so startled that she started to scream too.  Which she thinks so startled the Bigfoot, who had clearly not seen her, otherwise she knew it would have attacked her.  The startled Bigfoot cried out like it was in pain, before bolting off deeper into the woods.

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