1992, Hall City Caves, California: Hikers Are Chased Out Of The Woods


1992, Hall City Caves, California: Hikers Are Chased Out Of The Woods

Elliot Stackpole and Eric Garbus were hiking toward Hall City Caves, they had just passed Harrison Gulch mining ruins.  Stackpole felt that they were being watched or possibly followed, which would have been odd considering that they had not seen another person for hours.

Stackpole was about to comment on this, when suddenly, Garbus pointed to the tree line up ahead of them.  A dark figure, huge and slouching stood against the afternoon sun.  Completely bathed in the sillohute of dark shadow, the creature was clearly not a man.

Stackpole claims he knew right away that they were facing a real live Bigfoot.  Garbus said he was sure it was a wild man of the woods or maybe a ghost of an angry miner.

The monster on the ridge started waving its arms above its head.  Garbus said once he saw the sieny length of the arms, he knew it was not a ghost or human, but in fact a Sasquatch.  The creature started racing toward the two hikers.  They both turned tail and ran as fast as they could back the way they came.

They did not stop running until they were back at the car.  The Bigfoot chased them the whole way back and then threw rocks at their car until it drove away.

2 thoughts on “1992, Hall City Caves, California: Hikers Are Chased Out Of The Woods

  1. I would Have ran too. This has happened to many hikers. Some Sasquatches are not friendly nor shy,when it comes to humans.

  2. When I hear stories like this it proves one thingg fear supercedes curiosity, I often say if I saw one id stand my ground till I was close enough to know for 100% sure, I’m sure other have said the same then saw one and bolted. Its like patting your head while rubn your tummy,darn hard to do. Though I would think thed be stories of people freezing up,yet they all go into flight motion. Worse is when they say they had a gun but failed to fire becoz it would be like firing a 22 at a rhino it isnot going to stop it,probally make it mader. So after my tuff talk in the moments of private reflection I hate to admit it but I’m a runner. Stand my ground yer right. I bet there’s not a sane person who wouldn’t run on seeing the footage of the white big foot caught with a torch behind trees then you see it front one for on sec full frontal if thasts real no one would just stand there

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