2002, Watters Smith Memorial Park, West Virgina: 7 Year Old Girl Hands Mushrooms To Bigfoot


2002, Watters Smith Memorial Park, West Virgina: 7 Year Old Girl Hands Mushrooms To Bigfoot


7 year old Maddie Elkins wandered away from her family’s picnic lunch.  She and her imaginary friend Ted the Leo Lion were hunting for mushrooms, which Ted told her were gnome houses.  Maddie was very excited to gather as many as possible, in the hope of creating a little town for all her gnome friends.

While scouring the dead leaf piles and inching along the exposed roots, carefully plucking more and more little white and gray mushrooms, Maddie came upon a very furry foot.  Her little fingers grabbed hold of a bit toe, which had a long yellow toe nail and hardly any stringy hair on it.  She slowly looked up to see who belonged to that toe.  She was very surprised to see a large hairy Bigfoot sitting on a fallen log.  While looking him over really closely, Maddie found herself still holding on to that toe, even squeezing it tightly off and on.

The Bigfoot barely noticed little Maddie.  It was deep in thought, Maddie could tell, by the way its massive chin was resting in its huge hand.   Maddie felt, immediately, very sorry for that big hairy guy.  So she held up a handful of the mushrooms she had picked.  She thought that Bigfoot probably loves mushrooms, but does not get to eat them that often.  Maddie figured its big fingers would have a hard time picking the mushrooms without smooshing them all up.

No one, she thought, liked smooshed mushrooms, not even hairy beasts.

The Bigfoot was hesitant at first, but soon greedily accepted each mushroom Maddie handed up to it.  Much cheered, the Bigfoot patted Maddie on the head, gently, then ran off into the woods.  Maddie swears the Bigfoot was smiling as it turned to wave goodbye to her.

1953, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia, Stanka Fishing In the River

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 13 year old Stanka Drazenovich is fishing at the beaver damn with his two coon hounds. He had packed his father’s lunch pail with a cheese sandwich, some saltine table crackers, and an apple he picked from the Babner’s apple tree.

Right in the middle of his cheese sandwich, his two coon hounds, start barking at and lunging at the bushes on the other side of the river. The dogs started to swim toward the other shore. Stanka calls at them to come back, but they continue yelping and swimming across the muddy river.

Stanka can not see what the dogs are so fixated upon. But it is then, while sitting on the beaver damn, minding his own business, eating a cheese sandwich with his fishing line in the river, a dark and hairy man – much like the Indians in his pulp western novels – this tall and vascular man shrieks at them.

The dogs turn around, hightailing it back toward Stanka, who, himself is so frightened, drops his fishing pole into the water and leaves his father’s lunch pail, to run all the way home.

At some point while running through the woods, Stanka’s two coon hounds surpass him. Frightening him all the more.

1994, Wertzel West Virginia, Nude Apeman

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1994, Wertzel West Virginia, Carl Laoso is fixing a flat tire on his pickup truck when he hears a low mumbling scream coming from the woods. He grabs his maglight and heads off to make sure no one is in trouble. A few hundred yards off the road, he catches a glimpse of a hunched, naked apelike creature running around. Thinking it is just a sad person, probably loaded on the drugs, Laoso calls out attempting to get the attention of the naked and frightened creature. When the nude form catches sight of Laoso it lets out a long and inhuman scream. Laoso sees its red fiery eyes and short, sharp fangs. He tells everyone who will listen about the naked apeman in those woods.

2002, Monongahela National Forest, West Virgina, Golf Ball Sized Toes

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Trevor Bunce was hitting a bucket of golf balls with his son, Connor, off a small rolling hill in Monongahela National Forest when both father and son heard the most hideous cries. Described to have sounded “like a wounded cat being tortured by a raccoon,” the noises kept getting louder and closer. When the cries were only a few feet away, Trevor sent Connor running back to the car, while he shot golf balls into the bushes where there was rustling and whimpering. Once the creature had been driven away, Trevor saw huge foot prints that resembled a monkey or ape with golf ball sized toes.