1953, Miles City, Montana: Bigfoot Witness Harassed by MIB


1953, Miles City, Montana: Bigfoot Witness Harassed by Men in Black

Christopher Cruger was home reading the newspaper after dinner, when a loud knock came from his front door. He wrapped his smoking jacket around himself and shuffled to see who could be bothering him at this hour.

Cruger was horrified to find two men dressed in black suits, fedoras, and dark sunglasses standing at his door. They were expressionless and built like football linebackers. The dark sunglasses where what was so very odd, since it was well at 10 PM and quite dark already.

The men pushed him back into the house and seemed to carry him into the living room. He recalls sitting on the couch as the two men stood over him questioning about various things, until they finally got to questions about his recent Bigfoot Encounter.

Cruger had been telling friends and acquaintances about how he saw a Bigfoot crossing the road, one night while driving home. The Men wanted to know everything he remembered about the encounter. Cruger simply told them the same story he told a thousand times.

After hearing the story from Cruger a few more times, the Men looked at each other, thanked Cruger and left. Cruger is certain that the Men were Soviet agents and the Bigfoot he saw was actually part of a Commie plot.

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