1987, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Terrorizes New Year’s Day Revelers


1987, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Terrorizes New Year’s Day Revelers

Robert Stott had organized a massive outdoor New Year’s Eve rave dance party in a remote clearing in Franconia Park. There were over 100 people still at the party at daybreak. Though, most people had left hours ago, the partiers who remained were having a great time dancing.

All of the sudden, a large tree flew over the heads of the dancers to smash into the DJ table. The tree trunk completely destroyed the turntables and knocked the DJ over. Just as the music stopped and most of the dancers started to notice the silence, large clumps of snow started to pelt the dancers. These massive snowballs knocked people off their feet. As the party goers panicked and started to scattered, Stott saw the source of the attack.

Two large angry looking Bigfoot were standing in the tree line screaming and howling and throwing snow balls at the party. Stott likes to think that the Bigfoot were really hungover from the previous night’s party and took it out on his rave.


1987, Hickory Knob State Park: South Carolina: Bigfoot Knocks Down Tree


1987, Hickory Knob State Park: South Carolina: Bigfoot Knocks Down Tree

Amateur nature photographer, Kenny Geraci, was snapping landscape photographs in Hickory Knob Park right around sundown. Geraci heard a thundering crash about 100 yards from where he was taking pictures. Geraci slowly made his way toward the direction of the sound. He would stop cold in his step as he heard growls and grunts.

Honestly, Geraci was hoping that a bear or other large animal was around so he could get some good pictures of it. Just as he was considering himself very lucky, a big tree just to the left of him cracked like thunder and crashed to the ground.

As the tree fell, there was a horrible human animal screech unlike anything Geraci has ever heard again. He saw a large dark figure move into the distance. He did not pursue the creature since Geraci had just missed getting killed by the falling tree. He thinks he may have been in shock. Whatever knocked that tree down was a more monster than human.

1981, Kootenai National Forest, Montana: Bigfoot Tug of War


1981, Kootenai National Forest, Montana: Bigfoot Tug of War

While cleaning out his canoe before he continued on his trip, Tim Storez heard grunting and growling just over the hill in front of him. Being a dangerously curious person, Storez walked up to investigate.

When he got to the top of the hill, he saw two large hairy Bigfoot playing tug of war with a tree trunk. The Bigfoot seemed to know each other, according to Storez and were playing more than actually fighting. Storez watch the two pull and yank at the tree trunk of a minute or two, until the Bigfoot smelled him. Storez thinks their eye sight is very poor, because neither seemed to see him, but both stopped to furiously sniff the air.

Once they were satisfied that someone was watching them, they tossed the tree trunk in the general direction of Storez and then raced off in the opposite direction.

1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward


1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward

Carson Henke was painting a majestic vista in Baxter State Park. Or at least he was trying to paint the majestic view he saw before him.

Suddenly Henke noticed a large black figure moving slowly across the tree line. Henke was alarmed because the shards of sun light that broke through the trees and foliage, seemed completely absorbed by the figure.

The more Henke watched, the stranger the figure became, for not only did it seem to be eating the sun light around it, the creature seemed to be moving backward. Not like a man walking backward, but more like a movie being rewound.

After doing some research, Henke is sure the creature was a Bigfoot. But Henke is at a loss as to what was happening to it or what it was up to.


1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot


1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot

Jason Minette, a water truck driver for the City of Quinault, pulled off the road to refill his tanks. Minette’s graveyard shift mainly had him hosing down public areas and watering trees in parks. Minette had just gotten the tank’s hose into the water, when he got a really creepy feeling someone was watching him.

Minette flicked on the searchlight on the passengers’ side of the truck. He swung it around the back of the river and up the road ahead. It was nearly 3:30 AM, which meant that most likely no one was around and Minette was just being silly. But as he swung the light across the river, he caught a glimpse of something dart out of the light.

Minette trained the spotlight on the area and did a more through scan. He caught a hulking black form in the trees. Just as the light toughed it, the mass jolted away. Minette was unable to get the light square on the form.

Then the splashes started. Someone or something was throwing rocks at him. He managed to catch a good look at the creature as it stood up to toss a large rock at him from the opposite bank. It was a Bigfoot, alright. Dirty black and brown hair, huge shoulders, and a rippling muscles.

Minette laughed at the rocks as they fell short of the bank and his truck. He hooted across the river, which seemed to only make the Bigfoot madder. Several more rocks splashed in the river, before the Bigfoot bolted off into the woods.