1978, Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota: Boater Sees Bigfoot Carvings


1978, Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota: Boater Sees Bigfoot Carvings

Ed Zattara was canoeing in Voyageurs National Park. He noticed a large jutting rock structure ahead so he paddled toward it, thinking it would be a nice place to eat his brown bag lunch.

When he clambered up onto the rocks, Zattara noticed some very odd markings in the stones. He took out his notepad, the one he planned to use to note all the various birds he saw on his trip. He took a few minutes to trace out the crudely carved oddities.

Later, he showed his drawings to a friend of his, Mark Slocumb who was an expert in Native American stone carvings. When Slocumb looked the Zattara’s  markings, he grew very quiet and somewhat scared. He asked again where Zattara had seen them.

Growing alarmed, Zattara demanded answers. Slocumb slowly explained that he had only ever seen markings like this once before, at a very secret and remote location where a shaman had lead him blindfolded. The shaman said that these markings were made by Bigfoot to commemorate the dead. In other words, it was a Bigfoot gravestone that Zattara had eaten his peanut butter and jelly sandwich on.

2010, Mohican-Memorial State Forest, Ohio: Cub Scout Canoe Trip Interrupted


2010, Mohican-Memorial State Forest, Ohio: Cub Scout Canoe Trip Interrupted

Scout Leader, Josh Fitzgerald took Troop 523 for a day long canoeing trip. There were 12 Cub Scout in 4 canoes. Josh was in the lead canoe, a mistake he quickly realized. Since he could not keep an eye on the boys behind him, the boys started to misbehave.

The boys ignored the rule of keeping their arms and legs inside the canoes at all times. They were splashing each other. In at least two of the canoes the boys were rocking back and forth, trying to get the canoe to capsize.

Josh turned his canoe around to face the group behind him, since they all were just floating on the current. No one was paddling anymore. Some of the boys were screaming and the laughing got louder and louder. As Josh brought his whistle to his lips, one of the shy boys in his canoe, Miles, suddenly stood up.

Miles shook with fear and pointed toward the far bank. All the other boys looked to see what Miles was pointing at. When they saw the 15 foot black Bigfoot standing on the muddy bank, pandemonium broke out. Some of the Cub Scouts jumped into the water, others burst into tears, a few started paddling away.

The Bigfoot beat its massive chest and roared at the boys. Its roar was deafening.

Once complete silence settled over the river. The boys too terrified to make another peep, the Bigfoot shook its monstrous head. Slowly, it turned and moved up the embankment to disappear into the woods.

No matter what Josh told the boys later, they all were convinced they had narrowly escaped being torn apart and eaten alive. In the end, he was forced to create a survival badge to award the troop for their supposed bravery.