1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter


1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter

Exterminator Barney Glazner was hiking around Clatsop Forest. He came upon some small rodent tracks in the snow. Being an expert in pests and rodents, Galzner recognized the tracks as a family of rats. This was an odd thing to see in the forest, let alone this time of year. So Glazner followed the tracks.

After ten or fifteen feet, Galzner noticed that the rat tracks disappeared. Instead, large Bigfoot tracks took over. Completely stamping out the little rat tracks. This startled and alarmed Glazner. He considered turning around and leaving, since Bigfoot really, really frightened him.

That is when he saw the hulking form of a large black Bigfoot couching down to examine something on the ground. The creature sniffed a few times, turned to look at Glazner for a full minute, before continuing to follow the rat tracks.

Glazner is not certain, but he thinks that the rats were the Bigfoot’s pets that somehow got away from him.


1951, Oakmulgee, Alabama: Bigfoot Tracks Found


1951, Oakmulgee, Alabama: Bigfoot Tracks Found

While hiking in the woods, Ross Stoller came across three large footprints. The prints circled around a large, tall tree. There were two full foot impressions and one partial. The two full impressions were nearly side by side, like a large biped was standing still. The partial was just the toes of the foot.

Each print was about 1/4 of an inch deep and at least 14 inches long. Stoller marked the tree and tried to convince his friend Mildred Burkehead to come out and take some photos of it, but Burkehead was baking a pie and refused to leave her kitchen.

Stoller was upset, but ate the pie when it was done.

2001, Frontenac State Park, Minnesota: Church Lady Finds Tracks


2001, Frontenac State Park, Minnesota: Church Lady Finds Tracks

Church pastor, Miss Janice Pritchett claims that she found Bigfoot tracks in the mud around the shore of Lake Pepin in Frontenac Park. She was unable to photograph them, even though she says she took several good shots of the impressions with her expensive new camera.

When she got the film developed the footprints did not come out. Those pictures were completely black. Pritchett attributes this to the demonic power she thinks Bigfoot possesses. Pritchett often preaches about the ancient evil that threatens her congregants. So no one was surprised or alarmed by her lack of photographic proof.

1885, Hermit Island, Wisconsin: Miners Find Bigfoot Tracks


1885, Hermit Island, Wisconsin: Miners Find Bigfoot Tracks

Jacob Franklin and Abner Curtis were walking back from the brownstone quarry. It had lightly snowed again since they left the house they shared.

Curtis noticed the tracks before his fellow stone cutter. The footprints were over 13 inches long, clearly left by bare feet, and spaced apart indicating that the stride was of a very tall person.

Curtis stayed with the tracks while Franklin ran to gather up other witnesses. Franklin returned a half an hour later with only two other miners. No one else wanted to leave their warm houses to look at foot prints.

Franklin theorized the next day that the impressions were left by a malevolent Indian ghost. Curtis was skeptical of that explanation, he leaned more toward some sort of creature. Either way, the miners had a good laugh at the two for many weeks afterward.

1983, Willamette National Forest, Oregon: Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks


1983, Willamette National Forest, Oregon: Man Finds Bigfoot Tracks

Many people have come across Bigfoot tracks over the years, but David Duff’s discovery set the Bigfoot community abuzz. Dorf claims that while searching for Bigfoot in Willamette Forest, he came across a strange set of tracks.

The footprints were in some soft dirt and not that clearly defined. It was clear to Duff, an experienced Bigfoot hunter, that he was looking at Bigfoot tracks. The footprints were deep, with a raised ridge around the instep. From heel to big toe the impressions were nearly a foot and half long.

Duff set about marking the prints he found so he could make plaster casts of them. He continued to look for better examples. About thirty yards away from the first set of prints, Duff discovered something startling. Duff found himself looking at a clear impression of where a Bigfoot had sat down to rest.

Immediately, Duff set about casting the butt print in plaster. The impression was massive and one can clearly see the knotted fur of each buttock. Duff presented his twenty-three inch impressions to the world, but many within the Bigfoot community scoffed at his casts. Calling him a fraud for showing off what he claimed was Bigfoot’s butt.

2004, Chippewa Nature Center, Michigan: Girl Finds Muddy Tracks


2004, Chippewa Nature Center, Michigan: Girl Finds Muddy Tracks

Jen Darvill was walking with her dad around the Chippewa Nature Center.  It had rained all weekend and this was the first remotely nice day.

Jen remembers: “I left the path because I saw an oddly shaped puddle.  At the time I was more concerned about the worms floating in it  than I did of the shape.  My dad warned me not to get muddy, when I told him I had to rescue the worms.  Eventually, he came over because I was taking so long – but in my defense I was rather young at the time and there were A LOT of worms.  Once my dad came to fetch me, he noticed that the puddle I was playing in was actually a footprint.”

“I remember my dad being really excited because he was convinced that I discovered several Bigfoot tracks!  I remember being completely unimpressed at the time and very annoyed when he made me wait, forever, while he searched for someone to show.”

1999, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada: 220 Sequential Bigfoot Prints Documented


1999, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada: 220 Sequential Bigfoot Prints Documented

Brandon Mirr, a 19 year old professional miniature golfer, claims that while hiking with his girlfriend, Svetlanda Palmer, in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, he came upon a disturbingly unprecedented trend.  Mirr claims he and Palmer were looking for mice when they saw the first print.

“It was deep in the dirt.  At least an inch. Maybe, an inch and three quarters, deep.  And it was big.  Really, really big.  From toe to heal was probably the size of my forearm,” Mirr reported, making a fist as he held up his arm.

“We followed those tracks. By the time we lost them along a slight hill where the snowberry grew thick, Svetlanda counted over 200,” Mirr paused to silently recount in his head, “220.  Yeah, it was 220.”

“We were real stupid too.  As we followed the tracks, we did not take a single cell phone picture.  And in fact, we were not at all careful, either.  So as we followed them, we stamped all over the tracks too. Dumb. Real dumb.”

Svetlanda could not be reached for comment.