1995, Hochstetler Farm, Millersburg, Ohio: Amish Corn Field Completely Eaten


1995, Hochstetler Farm, Millersburg, Ohio:  Amish Corn Field Completely Eaten

Henry Hochstetler and his sons – Shaphat, Jonnes, and Ben – were awakened in the middle of the night by a great rustling in their corn field.  Unable to see much, since the Hochstetler’s were Amish and shunned electric lights and flashlights, they were sure that someone or something was messing about in the crop.

The four men started whooping and hollering and making a great commotion.  The idea being to scare away any of the animals or trespassers.  All the noise only woke the rest of the Hochstetler family and set little baby Noah crying.

Upon day break, the family gathered on the back porch as Henry and his sons walked, completely dumbfounded, through the completely destroyed field.  All the corn stalks were broken.  Every single plant.  Most of what remained on the ground looked trampled down, after being bit and gnawed on.

Alan Peters, the Hochstetler’s non-Amish neighbor, informed the family that all that destruction was clearly the work of a Bigfoot.  A Sasquatch.  They do not eat often, but when they do, they work up a mighty fierce appetite.

It is unclear what credence, if any, the Hochstetler’s gave Peter’s explanation.

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