1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Four teenagers skip school, planning on skinny dipping in Conser Lake, Oregon. Shortly after 2:15 p.m. two of the teenagers start yelling and pointing into a thicket of blackberry bushes. When the others arrive, they see a thick white haired creature sitting in the bushes. Its physique like an old timey sideshow strongman, squat and highly articulated musculature, the only things missing were the pointy waxed mustache and the 100 lb barbells. The four watch in horror as the creature daintly picks blackberries with it’s pinky and thumb claws. Its chin dyed bluish from the succulent juices of the delightful berries. When the creature spies the teenagers, it cries like a cat in heat before leaping into the trees, making a speedy getaway toward the opposite lake shore.

2 thoughts on “1963, Conser Lake Oregon, White Hair Muscle Giant

  1. Wonder if anyone is ever gonna tell the true story of the Conser lake monster and what it really was and wasn’t! Guess only those that were there then know and choose to let the world speculate… If I told you what the real story was it would make you wonder how many other sightings out there are something like what happened at Conser lake in Millersburg, Ore. Wonder which story, the truth or the legend, would intrigue folks… Both are great to this day either way! Just seems the one that us folks that lived it and were there know never ended up being the story that is all over the internet and such… I bet cuz it takes a certain type to see the wonder and awe in what the truth is about the Conser lake monster while any old knuckle head or school kid gets exhilarated by the unknown sometimes even when it’s the known.

    Whats known is yes in the late 50s early 60s Conser Lake was the lovers lane of our little area.

    Yes a strange creature, monster, animal was lurking about the lake when we went to cuddle as we called it.

    Yes someone said they seen a UFO land their so everyone started assuming the monster and UFO were connected.

    Yes this beast monster or alien was tall white and furry when we would see it.

    But picking berries and such…. No it mostly did whatever it could to scare the crap out of us or get us out of there as it wasn’t us ever watching it more like us seeing it as its already on your car or near you chasing you not running from us!!

    Now what’s weird is nobody seems to ever tell on theses online forums what became of said monster as if you grew up going to conser lake in those days you probably know what fate came of said monster or maybe its just those of us from the area that really know. Cuz in the end the real story or truth I should say tells of why it was at the lake in those days why it seemed to love to scare us and what became of said monster as far as the law back then went… And what they discovered and did with this “monster of the lake”

    Im just gonna say this about the Conser lake monster or Flix as you might hear it called…. It truly was fast and would SHINE after MOON or light hit it or would come to its white fur. Or was it truly WHITE n LIGHTNING fast when we came around its Lake hideout where MOON n SHINE its fur could be seen so it had to scare us away…? Those are BOLD words for me to say its the truth if you catch my drift. Or was it the truth is my BOLD words were the drift of what it was caught for? It was so long ago its hard to remember it STILL…haha. Or was it STILL I remember so long ago about the Conser lake monster being caught? Guess if your a certain type you see what I mean and knuckle heads and school kids are in awe of my strange and confusing ramblings unknown by them but known to some since we seen what’s being read not read what’s been seen… Too deep for you? So is the story of the Conser lake monster!! It’s getting pretty deep for how truthfully shallow that lake was!! Anyways I just wonder where the truth of this story went and others like it not to mention truths of any kind that are replaced by bedtime stories for amusement. Are people truly more interested in a story of what ifs and could’ve been over a good ol story told truthfully thus explaining what is, was, and never could be???? Is being in the dark better then being in the light of truth cuz MOON n SHINE it’s STILL the same story of a monster seen at Conser Lake and its fur WHITE, LIGHTNING fast ways it moved around to scare us away… It wouldve gotten away too if not for that group of meddling kids and their dog. (hint hint)

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