2002, Rices Landing, Pennsylvania, Garden Attack

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Helen Shefcheck is recorded by her great grandchildren, telling “the tomato patch man” story. As Shefcheck recalls, she was woken up in the middle of the night during an especially hot August night by some noise in her garden. When she goes to investigate, thinking it might be her brother-in-law John “Stumpy” Huntley cutting a short cut through her yard after drinking too much at the social club in town. What Helen discovers in her tomato patch is not a drunken in-law, but a large hairy monster that smelled like turpentine and raw bread dough. The monster was stomping its great feet all over the tomato vines and making a terrific mess of the garden. Helen grabbed her rolling pin from above her stove and ran out yelling curse words at the creature. Startled the hairy beast turned tail and bolted into the woods across the street toward the river. The sheriff came out and looked at the tomato plants, commenting that it was “a downright shame what happened to them.” But no official charges were ever made.

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