1974, Whitefish Bay, Minnesota, Taxidermist Gone Wild

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Martin Cews, amateur taxidermist and frequent letter to the editor author, goes public with his fantastic tale of derring-do. Cews self-publishes, THE EXTREMELY STRANGE CASE OF THE INDIAN WILD MAN,: THE ASTONISHING TRUE TALE OF HIS CAPTURE, EXAMINATION AND ESCAPE. In the 1025 pages of the book, Cews recounts how he captured “a near brute of eight feet tall, rippling muscle, and crude expression…covered in wild hair and messy, thick skin.” Cews keeps the creature chained in his workshed for several years, making notes and observations before the creature, in a blind fury over a missed feeding, smashes out of the shed and escapes into the woods. Cews undertakes a brief and failed national book tour, showing slides of drawings accredited to the creature, and stool samples which are too fresh to be believed.

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