1989, Wilderness State Park, Michigan: Woman Sees Bigfoot


1989, Wilderness State Park, Michigan: Woman Sees Bigfoot

Caroline Batoff was hiking around the Porcupine Mountain area of Wilderness State Park. She had not seen nor heard another hiker for at least an hour. About 100 yards ahead of her she saw a figure moving slowly across her path.

Batoff’s first impulse was to wave and say hello, since she is such a friendly person. But as she got a better look at the figure, she became alarmed.

The figure was nearly pitch black, like light was absorbed into it. Plus the figure was much too large to be a human. When it turned to look at her, she saw the bright yellow eyes burn into her. Batoff stood incredibly still. The creature slowly moved on. Batoff knew that she had just seen a Bigfoot. And that the Bigfoot saw her, too.