1946, Leaf River, Illinois: Fisherman Interrupted by Bathing Bigfoot


1946, Leaf River, Illinois: Fisherman Interrupted by Bathing Bigfoot

Tom Griffin was fishing early in the morning.  While he was eating the cheese sandwich he made for his lunch, he heard some very violent splashing coming from a few hundred yards away, down river.  Thinking maybe a bear or maybe some deer were crossing the river, he continued on with his lunch.

When the splashing got closer, Griffin became more alarmed.  If not for his safety, then for the integrity of his fishing lines.  He stood up and walked a little way down stream, keeping an eye on his belongings.  He heard a low muttering growl, then saw an eight foot tall monster splashing around in the middle of the river.

Griffin stood there, shocked.  Could that really be a Bigfoot in the middle of the river?  And could it really be washing itself like a bathing human?  Griffin was not sure he was willing to find out.  He turned right around and ran out of the woods.  A few hours later he returned with a few friends to gather up his fishing rods and cooler.

He never told anyone about the bathing Bigfoot, though he did write it down in the front of his family bible.  The story was found after Griffin’s death by his daughter, who has no reason to discount her father, since he was a very honest man.