2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail


2008, Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah: Man Discovers Bigfoot Toenail

Steve Grahams claims in a press release that he was in possession of a verified Bigfoot toenail. Grahams’ claim is that while hunting for a rare termite in Cedar Breaks Park, he discovered the toenail lodged in a rotten log.

At first, Grahams dismissed the find as human. But he collected it with his specimens, anyway. Later, back in his lab, he ran some tests on the toenail. The exact nature of these tests, Graham refuses to disclose, but he claims that the tests definitively ruled out human origin. Graham concedes that other animals have toenails, but remains assured that the toenail is not from any known animal.

Graham refused to release photos or display the toenail for second party examination, citing the monumental nature of his find, he fears it will be stolen or maliciously lied about in the scientific community.

When pressed about the press release, Graham said he wanted the world to know that Bigfoot exists. And that there is proof.