1973, Seven Mile Creek, Ohio: Couple Finds Bigfoot Leg


1973, Seven Mile Creek, Ohio: Couple Finds Bigfoot Leg

Dustin and Emily Littlestone were walking their dog, Tiger, along the Seven Mile Creek trail, when they stumbled upon a gruesome discovery.

Tiger started pulling and yelping at his leash. He was trying to get over to a strangely bent and twisted fallen tree. Dustin, the more indulgent of the dog’s owners, walked over to the tree to see what Tiger was so interested in.

Immediately, Dustin called out for Emily to come over. As usual, she was hesitant and questioned him about what he saw. Dustin replied that she really needed to see this.

Once Emily, finally, walked over she gasped with disgust. Laying in the leaves and muck as a dismembered leg. It was almost a foot wide, and covered in course reddish brown hair. The couple determined that it was a Bigfoot leg by the tremendous size of the foot attached to the severed leg.

Dustin wanted to collect it and bring it to the authorities. But Emily told him to stop being stupid. Tiger seemed intent upon chewing it.