1990, George Washington National Forest, Virginia: Bigfoot Mother Teaching Road Safety


1990, George Washington National Forest, Virginia: Bigfoot Mother Teaching Road Safety

Bigfoot Tracker, Jason Wrote, was out looking for Bigfoot tracks.  He spent the morning without any luck, but after lunch, he opted to switch directions and moved south from his original plan.

A few hours into his new route, Wrote stumbled upon a mother and baby Bigfoot.  The pair stood in a very dense alcove of shrubs near the side of Thorny Creek Mountain Road.  Wrote crept into the nearest bush he could.  From his hidden spot, he watched the mother Bigfoot pick at the fur of its baby Bigfoot.

After a few minutes of playful preening, the mother Bigfoot’s attitude changed.  She became very serious.  She grunted and motioned with her arms, the wet hair of her underarms flapped.  Then she took a step forward, inched toward the slope of the Road.  She looked up to the left, then craned her head to the right.

Wrote realized he was watching a safety lesson, as the mother Bigfoot instructed the baby Bigfoot on the proper way to cross the road.  The longer Wrote watched, the more evidence he collected to support his theory.  The mother Bigfoot taught the baby Bigfoot several different ways to approach the Road.  What to do if a car is coming and how to handle being caught in the headlights.

All these are important lessons for all children, whether human or Bigfoot!