1954, Loxahatchee River, Florida: Father and Daughter See Swimming Bigfoot


1954, Loxahatchee River, Florida: Father and Daughter See Swimming Bigfoot

On a canoe trip along the Loxahatchee River, Alan Smith and his twelve year old daughter Jenny-Mae Smith saw a lot of wild creatures. Jenny-Mae had seen nearly twenty two dragonflies, while Alan kept pointing to various types of fish he saw in the dark river waters.

As the canoe slowly floated along, the pair were chatting about the lack of clouds in the sky, when Jenny-Mae noticed a large dark mass in the middle of the river. At first, Alan thought it was a tree or maybe a sandbar or group of rocks.

As the canoe headed straight for it, Alan tried to steer to the side. Heading first left, then right, but the dark mass appeared to follow the canoe’s heading. It was as if the mass was purposefully getting in the way.

Jenny-Mae’s gasp startled her father. She pointed at the mass and shouted, “Its a bear!”

Only it was no bear swimming in that Florida River. It was a Bigfoot.

As the canoe got within arm’s length of the monster, it dove under the water. Emerging on the the other side of the canoe with a large splash. Alan paddled furiously to get away from the creature. Who seemed to be laughing at the trick it played on the panicked people in the canoe.

2001, Janesville, Wisconsin: Man Sees Bigfoot Dive into River


2001, Janesville, Wisconsin: Man Sees Bigfoot Dive into River

Mark Remington was walking along Bellrichard Bridge about dusk. He stopped midway across to watch the Rock River and finish his cigarette. Remington noticed something odd just under him on the bridge. It looked to him like a person was hanging and swinging from under the road.

As traffic whizzed by Remington leaned over the side just as the monstrous form leaped into the air. In a brown blur of fur and skin, the creature performed a perfect swan dive down into the river.

Remington watched in awe and astonishment as the creature surfaced, blew a stream of water out of its mouth, before diving back under the water to swim away. Its massive feet kicking up foamy waves in its wake.

Remington is not completely sure that what he saw that day was inhuman, but he is fairly certain that he might have seen a Bigfoot dive into the Rock River. Or possibly the hairiest hobo in all of human history.

2011, Clarington, Ohio: Zip Liners Fly Over Bigfoot in Ohio River


2011, Clarington, Ohio: Zip Liners Fly Over Bigfoot in Ohio River

Maureen Levy was zip ling across the Ohio River just outside of Clarington, Ohio. She and her boyfriend Daniel McGovern were about half way over the river, when Dan started waving his arm and pointing frantically for Maureen to look down.

Maureen was a little bit behind Dan and had only agreed to this extreme date on the condition that Dan would not pull any of his stupid pranks. Suspecting something gross, Maureen reluctantly looked down toward where Dan was waving his pointing finger.

Maureen gasp as she realized that there was a huge Bigfoot swimming across the River. It was at least the size of her dad’s old Buick and she could see its dark skin through its wet fur. Bigfoot was an awkward swimming and was splashing more than it was swimming.

Just as Maureen zipped over the creature, it seemed to see her and spit water into the air. Of course, she was too high over the River for it to even come close to hitting her.

Dan got a pretty good look at the Bigfoot too, but he was not totally convinced it was not a bear or some other sort of creature swimming across the river. Maureen broke up with Dan about a month later.

1948, Upper Crater Lake, Wyoming: Bigfoot Sunning on Phantom Ship Island


1948, Upper Crater Lake, Wyoming: Bigfoot Sunning on Phantom Ship Island

William Drexler’s campsite overlooked Phantom Ship Island. He had just finished his sasauge and egg breakfast and was smoking his morning pipe, just looking out over Crater Lake. That is when he noticed something moving on Phantom Ship Island.

Drexler got out his binoculars. It took him a minute or two before he was able to get a good bead on the moving figure. What Drexler saw was a brownish grey Bigfoot, obviously soaking wet, stretching out on some rocks near the water’s edge. The creature was luxuriated. Drexler watched the creature for awhile lounge in the sun. Then after a bit the Bigfoot climbed to the other side of the island and Drexler lost sight of it.

Drexler told his friends about the encounter, but his friends convinced him that Bigfoot was a terrible swimmer and he must be mistaken about what he saw. To this day, Drexler remains confused about the whole scene.

1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot


1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot

Jeffery Walton was fishing on Ghost Lake early in the morning. He already caught several muskies and threw back a little walleye.

Walton got a heavy tug on his line, which startled him. He jerked back uncharacteristically since he was an experienced fisherman. He felt that his line was ripping through something. Maybe a sweater or other sort of submerged piece of clothing. When his line broke the surface of the water, the hook dragged up what looked like a wig of brownish yellow hair.

Just as he reached out to grab his line, his unmoving little boat jerked like it ran aground. He fell forward, losing his grip on his fishing pole.  Walton was on the floor of his boat as the whole thing started violently rocking back and forth. He saw a big hairy paw reach out of the water, grab on to the side of the boat. Then Walton was in the water.

His boat capsized, all his gear sank to the bottom. As he swarm to the surface, she saw a dark murky figure standing on the bottom of the lake. Walton described its piercing red eyes, clearly staring at him. He swam as fast as he could to shore.

Walton’s only explanation was that there was a Bigfoot in the lake. Probably fishing itself, when he line hooked into it. Angry the creature flipped his boat. Walton is grateful the monster did not kill him.

1994, Dreher Island, South Carolina, Bigfoot Swim Team

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Jessie Martin walking his dog, Poochie, claims to have seen an adult Bigfoot near the water of Lake Murray. At first, he thought the creature was alone, until Poochie started barking and the creature dived into the water. The adult Bigfoot swam toward several other, smaller creatures, who seemed to be swimming in a lap race formation. The adult cried out and the others stopped immediately. All swam off into the darkness, at which point Martin lost sight of them. Martin has since made a career lecturing on the nautical proficiency of the Bigfoot.