1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs


1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs

While driving his RV out of Niobara Park, Strom Hickory came upon the most unusual road block he’d ever seen. Even after years of traveling the country alone, Hickory was well versed in all the unusual things one might encounter on the road. But the pile of logs that were neatly and methodically piled up in the middle of the two lane highway was something Hickory had never seen before.

As he sat there looking out the front window at the log road block, Hickory saw something peeking out over the pile. Hickory honked the RV’s horn a few times. That was when the Bigfoot stood up, waved its massive arms, screamed a high pitched scream, then turned and walked away.

Hickory was amazed and completely uncertain why the Bigfoot had made the road block or what it was clearly waiting to happen.