1996, Fires Creek Wildlife Area, North Carolina: Bigfoot Startled By Children


1996, Fires Creek Wildlife Area, North Carolina: Bigfoot Startled By Children

Pepper Wheeler tells the story of the time him and his brother and their brother’s friend startled a Bigfoot, then all three of them chased it off with sticks.

Wheeler and his brother and his brother’s friend were playing “forest pirates.” They were racing toward a little creek, pretending to chase some bandits who stole their gold. As they plunged through the woods, they were laughing and screaming and carrying on as kids do.

Wheeler recalls as the trio careened down the embankment toward the creek, they stopped dead in their tracks. About twenty feet from them, a black and brown Bigfoot crouched at the creek drinking water. The Bigfoot did not hear or see the boys until Wheeler’s brother’s friend picked up a rock and threw it at the creature.

The rock bounced off the shoulder of the Bigfoot who was so startled it feel into the creek. Almost totally soaked, the Bigfoot turned and howled at the boys, who responded with more rocks and sticks.

The Bigfoot was so ashamed that it ran across the creek in two long steps then off into the woods. Wheeler is not proud about how they treated that Bigfoot.