2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck


2003, Red Bridge Campground, Pennsylvania: Bigfoot Wipes Butt on Pickup Truck

Buddies, Jay Nanos and LT Lapsley, were setting up their tents in Red Bridge when they heard grunting and growling. Lapsley thought maybe a bear was nosing around his pick up truck, so Nanos went to investigate.

Nanos saw a large hairy Bigfoot pushing on the side of the pickup. The whole truck was rocking back and forth as the Bigfoot rubbed its backside on the side of the vehicle. When Nanos was gone too long, Lapsley joined him.

The two friends watched the Bigfoot rub its butt all over the side of their pickup truck. Then the creature started to shake like a dog who just got out of the bath. The Bigfoot completely ignored the two humans. When it’s butt was sufficiently clean, the creature walked off into the woods.

Lapsley claims he still cannot get the Bigfoot butt smell out of his truck.

1959, Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania: Cub Scouts Terrorized


1959, Pymatuning State Park, Pennsylvania: Cub Scouts Terrorized

Scout Master Frank Diniz was awoken around 3:30 AM by the screams of several of his Cub Scouts. He bolted from his tent to find several of the 11 year old boys crying and running around in a circle waving their arms over their head. Diniz used his whistle and flashlight to gather the hysterical boys into a line. Diniz then questioned the boys.

The story he heard frightened him as well.

Several of the boys were awakened from their sleep by a thundering growl and then a violent shaking of their tent. They thought it was a prank being played by their friends, until the tent itself was torn from over them and thrown into a tree.  Looming over them as a huge Bigfoot. It snarled and then screamed a horrible scream at them. Two of the boys shut their eyes and never really saw the creature, while the other two only remember the teeth or its glowing eyes, respectively.

Diniz searched the area, but only found the tent in the tree. The ground was too dry for any good prints.

The next morning, Diniz cut the camping weekend short and got his troop out of the park.

1970, Hillman State Park, Pennsylvania: Hunter Shoots at Bigfoot


1970, Hillman State Park, Pennsylvania: Hunter Shoots at Bigfoot

Jonathan Rennie claims that while hunting he took a pretty good shot at a Bigfoot. Sometime around daybreak, Rennie heard some gentle rustling in the brush ahead of him. He took aim with his rifle, waiting to see what might be digging around in the undergrowth. He was surprised when a manlike figure emerged from the shadows. Rennie started to lower his gun, then realized that the figure that stood before him was not human. For one thing it was nearly seven feet tall and covered in a filthy matted fur. Without any more hesitation, Rennie fired off a shot. But he missed. The shot hit the side of the tree next to the Bigfoot, who took no time to run from the area. Rennie heard howling the rest of the day which he accounted for spooking all the animals away.

2012, Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania: Snowmobile Driver Sees Bigfoot


2012, Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania: Snowmobile Driver Sees Bigfoot

College student Jason McDonald drove his snowmobile along Pete’s Run Trail. It was a quiet afternoon and there were no other people around. As McDonald passed a row of trees, he heard a terrible knocking sound. He stopped the snowmobile because he thought something was wrong with it.

Then he saw two of the trees shaking. The snow fell from their branches. McDonald felt he was in a movie watching something emerge from the woods. Just then, he saw the back outline of a 10 foot tall man walk between the trees. It turned its head to look at McDonald.

McDonald was certain from the slump of its shoulders and the way it turned its neck, he looked right at a real life Bigfoot. McDonald watched as the creature moved back and forth, shaking the trees. Then it turned and walked off in the other direction.

McDonald was too scared to go after it or even go toward the trees to examine the footprints. He just started his snowmobile and sped out of the area.

1956, Titusville, Pennsylvania: Woman is Visited by Bigfoot Ghost


1956, Titusville, Pennsylvania: Woman is Visited by Bigfoot Ghost

Selma Jackson went to church every morning since she retired in June of 1956. Usually, the morning mass. On this particular morning, it started to rain as she made her walk to the church. Not wanting to get wet, she took cover under a little bus shelter on the side of the road.

As she stood there watching the rain pelt the road, she heard a moaning sound coming from behind her. Ms. Jackson turned around to see, much to her chagrin, hovering in the dripping trees the ghostly shape of a Bigfoot. The figure hovered off the ground a few feet and was a blue translucent color. But it was clearly a Bigfoot monster. It had the large apelike features, the massively large feet, the powerfully strong arms, and the whole area around it smelled like burning batteries.

Ms. Jackson started to pray for her safety, but the Bigfoot looked so sad and lost, she began to take pity on the ghost. She called out to it to “get on.” The ghost looked at her and she said again, “go on get on with yourself.” The Bigfoot moaned some but turned and started to float away.

A few minutes after the ghost disappeared, the rain stopped and Ms. Jackson made it to church without missing much at all. She prayed for that Bigfoot ghost that it might find it’s way to some settled peace.

1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered


1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered

Bryce Willis and Gabe Dieter were hiking in the Pocono Mountains. The two high school students planned this hike as their last summer adventure before started the following week.

Gabe was an avid fan of local legends and the cryptids of the Poconos, while Bryce was a nonbeliever who often teased Gabe about it. Bryce suggested that as the sun went down the two try to contact any Bigfoot that may be around. After some persuading, Gabe agreed to some tree knocking and Bigfoot calling.

Bryce hooted and hooted and hooted in a manner that Gabe found potentially offensive to the Bigfoot. When Gabe tried to get Bryce to stop using that particular holler. This delighted Bryce who increased the volume and sing-songy nature of the holler.

Gabe started to shout at Bryce, begging him to stop teasing the Bigfoot. Just as Bryce broke down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, the forest seemed to part like a curtain. Bounding toward the boy’s encampment was a huge gray and brown Bigfoot. It was swinging its arms, its teeth bared, and growling a menacing growl.

Dumbfounded the boys were unable to run any faster away from the beast. The Bigfoot chased them for nearly half a mile before disappearing back into the woods. Gabe and Bryce never told anyone about their encounter until years later. Bryce remained convinced that Gabe at set the whole thing up as a stunt to scare Bryce. Gabe neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing


1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing

Todd McHaffie was hiking in Michaux forest when he heard strange animal noises. The sounds were strange. McHaffie never heard anything like them before. They were sort of like the sound two cats make as they scuffle. But not at all like that too.

McHaffie’s curiosity got the better of him. He crept slowly toward the noises. He ended up crawling on his belly when he got close enough. Finally, he was able to see the commotion.

“There were two Bigfoot. One was taller than the other, but they were both over 8 feet tall. They might have been young Bigfoot. Since they seemed to be taking a lot of pleasure in their game. It was a cruel game where they were tossing a mole back and forth. The mole did not seemed hurt by this rough house play. But it was high annoyed.”

McHaffie must have made a noise, because suddenly the two Bigfoot dropped the poor mole and ran off into the forest. The dazed mole sat for a moment then shook itself before returning the the earth.

“Weirdest thing I ever saw,” McHaffie said shaking his head.

2002, Rices Landing, Pennsylvania, Garden Attack

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Helen Shefcheck is recorded by her great grandchildren, telling “the tomato patch man” story. As Shefcheck recalls, she was woken up in the middle of the night during an especially hot August night by some noise in her garden. When she goes to investigate, thinking it might be her brother-in-law John “Stumpy” Huntley cutting a short cut through her yard after drinking too much at the social club in town. What Helen discovers in her tomato patch is not a drunken in-law, but a large hairy monster that smelled like turpentine and raw bread dough. The monster was stomping its great feet all over the tomato vines and making a terrific mess of the garden. Helen grabbed her rolling pin from above her stove and ran out yelling curse words at the creature. Startled the hairy beast turned tail and bolted into the woods across the street toward the river. The sheriff came out and looked at the tomato plants, commenting that it was “a downright shame what happened to them.” But no official charges were ever made.