1984, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Taunts Fisherman


1984, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Taunts Fisherman

While fishing in Quartz Park, Robert Pintoze was terrorized by a mischievous Bigfoot. Pintoze thought he felt a tug on his line, but when he tried to reel it in, he lost control of his rod and it flew into the river.

Amazed, Pintoze stood up. As he did, a brown hairy carpet seemed to float to the surface right where fishing rod went into the river. As Pintoze watched, a Bigfoot emerged from the river. It started splashing and growling and splashing water at Pintoze.

Pintoze was so frightened that he turned on his heels and ran toward his car. He left an expensive lawn chair, a cool full of beer, and a bunch of new fishing equipment behind.

As Pintoze ran away, he is certain that he heard that Bigfoot laughing at him.


1996, Red Rock Canyon, Oklahoma: Rock Climbing Bigfoot


1996, Red Rock Canyon, Oklahoma: Rock Climbing Bigfoot

Omar Hughes and Joe Plates were getting ready for a fun day of rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, when Hughes shouted for Plates to look up at the side of the cliff.

Among the red rock, slowly scaling upward, was a huge brown figure. Hairy and damp looking. For such a large, bulky figure it seemed to scale the rock face with great ease.

Plates pointed out the size of the creature’s feet, which despite their size, gripped to the rocks with great power and agility.

Both seasoned rock climbers were incredibly impressed by the Bigfoot’s rock climbing ability. They watched the creature scale the entire cliff until it disappeared over the top.

Hughes and Plates attempted to retrace the route that the Bigfoot used, but found it was too steep and impassable, which further impressed them.

1978, Heavener Runestone Park, Oklahoma: Strange Woodpiles Discovered


1978, Heavener Runestone Park, Oklahoma: Strange Woodpiles Discovered

Dale and Chad Hunter were looking for the Heavener Runestone when the came upon a large woodpile. At first, Chad thought it was a debris left from illegal loggers. Dale quickly disabused his brother of this notion by pointing out that here was no evidence of logging activity.

As they moved on, they came upon two more woodpiles strangely and purposefully positioned. Chad began to suspect that these woodpiles were possibly made by local delinquents during a night of beer partying. Again, Dale scolded his brother saying that no stoner high schooler would have the time or patience to construct such a massive arrangement of ripped branches and broken trees.

The brothers hiked on. Once they arrived at the infamous stone carved by viking explorers of North America, Dale noticed something disturbing. Just over the ridge, not too far from where the two stood looking at the stone carving, was a Bigfoot dragging a small felled sapling behind its monstrous body.

Chad whooped when he saw the Bigfoot creating the woodpile, he felt vindicated in some manner. Though Dale said that the Bigfoot proved all of Chad’s theories incorrect, Chad was not hearing anything other than success. The brothers stood watching the Bigfoot slowly arrange the woodpile. The creature clearly had a specific purpose in mind as it constructed the pile. Ofter moving and rearranging specific branches. Once the pile was about five feet high, the bigfoot walked around it a few times before heading off toward the northeast.

The Hunter Brothers were unable to convince anyone that they, themselves, had not created the woodpiles as an elaborate Bigfoot Hoax.