2011, Clarington, Ohio: Zip Liners Fly Over Bigfoot in Ohio River


2011, Clarington, Ohio: Zip Liners Fly Over Bigfoot in Ohio River

Maureen Levy was zip ling across the Ohio River just outside of Clarington, Ohio. She and her boyfriend Daniel McGovern were about half way over the river, when Dan started waving his arm and pointing frantically for Maureen to look down.

Maureen was a little bit behind Dan and had only agreed to this extreme date on the condition that Dan would not pull any of his stupid pranks. Suspecting something gross, Maureen reluctantly looked down toward where Dan was waving his pointing finger.

Maureen gasp as she realized that there was a huge Bigfoot swimming across the River. It was at least the size of her dad’s old Buick and she could see its dark skin through its wet fur. Bigfoot was an awkward swimming and was splashing more than it was swimming.

Just as Maureen zipped over the creature, it seemed to see her and spit water into the air. Of course, she was too high over the River for it to even come close to hitting her.

Dan got a pretty good look at the Bigfoot too, but he was not totally convinced it was not a bear or some other sort of creature swimming across the river. Maureen broke up with Dan about a month later.


1743, Yellow Creek Ohio, Andrew Pole and John Christ Rifle Fight Sasquatches

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Where the Ohio River meet Yellow Creek, Andrew Pole and his friend John Christ were tracking some Wyandot warriors who had stolen Mrs. Jack Jackson’s hog. Pole and Christ spotted what they thought were two of the Wyandot’s bathing at the mouth of the Yellow Creek. Christ stormed into the brush hoping to flush the warriors deeper into the river, where Pole could pick them off with the rifles. The plan failed when the two realized that what they thought were two distinct Indians, was actually one large Sasquatch. Instead of fleeing across the river, the Sasquatch counter-charged Christ’s charge, picking him up and smashing him into some rocks. In horror, Pole opened fire. Both musket balls slammed into the beast, who reeled and charged Pole. The two fought hand to paw. Pole claims he survived the attack, showing off the broken rifles as proof that he used them as clubs against the monster.