1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker


1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker

Daniel Dornhaus was hiking through an isolated area of Pharaoh Lake. He stopped to try to identify a bird he saw on a tree a few yards ahead of him. Suddenly, the tree trunk near the bird was hit with a smack by a snowball.

The startled Dornhaus yelled out in anger at whomever threw the snowball. He pulled his scarf tighter and stated to walk away when a tightly packed snowball pelted him in the back of the head. The snow went down between his jacket and shirt, something that always annoyed Dornhaus when he was a kid in snowball fights.

Dornhaus started yelling for the snowball thrower to show himself. When there was a terrific howl, a long guttural laugh, then like 15 to 25 snowballs came flying at Dornhaus, all at once. Most missed, but a few hit him. One knocked his hat off.

Dornhaus was incredibly angry now and started swearing and cursing. A large brown Bigfoot peeked out from behind a big mound of snowy bushes. The creature seemed to wave and smile at him, before chucking a snowball directly at Dornhaus.

Surprised for the second time that day, Dornhaus took off running as snowballs continued to fall around him and hit trees near him.

1974, Putnam Pond Campground, New York: Bigfoot Carrying Beehive


1974, Putnam Pond Campground, New York: Bigfoot Carrying Beehive

On his way to fish, Carl Little heard a crashing coming toward him. Little said it sounded like a herd of buffalo charging though a china shop. Though on further questioning, Little admitted that he had never heard a herd of buffalo do anything and never set foot, himself, in a china shop.

Little stopped and stood very still, waiting to see what was stomping toward him. Bursting from the shrubbery in front of him, was a reddish gray Bigfoot. Little was so surprised he couched down, trying to hide in the middle of path.

Little noticed that as the Bigfoot lumbered across the path, it cradled in the crook of its massive arm, like a football, a huge beehive. Bees were furiously buzzing around the thick hair of the creature, but it did not seem to bother the creature at all.

Little waited until the Bigfoot was well out of ear shot before he stood up and continued on his way.

1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape


1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape

Bigfoot hunter Catherine Sullivan set up her recording gear near Basswood Pond. She and her partner, Donna Simon, placed their idea of Bigfoot bait around the area. This “bait” consisted of tiny baskets filled with one or two apples. Sullivan claimed that Bigfoot loved apples and other fresh fruit, a certainty that came to her in a dream.

Simon and Sullivan were idly chatting around 7:35 PM when Simon stopped the conversation. She motioned for Sullivan to be still. Coming across the pond was a slow moan that grew to a howl. It suddenly stopped, just as Sullivan snapped on the reel-to-reel recorder.

For about twenty minutes, the howling continued. The sound seemed to travel around the lake. Sullivan thinks that the Bigfoot was walking around the lake searching for something, possibly another Bigfoot. She assumed this based on other recordings of the creature which she classified as happy, distressed, and calling out to one another.

Unfortunately, all of Catherine Sullivan’s hours and hours of Bigfoot recordings were destroyed in a house fire in the Summer of 2001. So all we have left are her field notes and stories.

1956, Stewart State Forest, New York: Hunter Sees Something Strange


1956, Stewart State Forest, New York: Hunter Sees Something Strange

George Deen had tracked a deer all morning. Finally, he got a good clean bead on it Just as he was about to pull the trigger on his rifle, the deer quickly bolted to the right. Deen scanned the area for the deer. There was no trace of the animal. Not even a branch shaking.

It was then Deen noticed how still and quiet the woods were, even the wind seemed to stop. Deen lowered his rifle and took his hat off to wipe his brow. He glanced down for a split second. When he looked up, everything around him seemed engulfed in a strong gust of wind. It was strong enough to knock him out of his crouch.

As Deen steadied himself, he saw the creature. It was massive like three high school liner backers but moved like a bat of hell. Deen did not get a good look at it. But he is convinced that it was a Bigfoot that barreled past him that afternoon. Mainly, he believes it because of the awful smell left behind, just hanging there between the trees, seeming to wilt leaves and made birds fall from the branches.

When Deen told his friends about it, a few believed him since they encountered that terrible funk in the woods as well. But a few of his friends remained incredulous based on the speed at which the Bigfoot Creature was reported to have had. Everyone knows Bigfoot lumbers and does not engage in speedy foot races.

2006. Hunt’s Corners New York, Bigfoot John Deere

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Thomas Williams cutting the grass on his back forty, lets his John Deere tractor idle while he steps into the bushes to relieve himself. When he turned around, zipping up, he saw a Bigfoot like creature sitting on his riding mower. Before thinking of any personal safety issues and only thinking about how much he still owed on the mower, he charged the beast. Williams yelled, hollered, and waved his arms like you are supposed to do if you see a bear. The creature, startled, leaped from the mower and bolted across the field. The hairs stuck to the seat proved inconclusive by science.