2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser


2001, Ponca State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Flags Down Police Cruiser

Officers George Dale and Sylvia Katz were patrolling near Ponca State Park, when a large, furry, bulky individual appeared on the side of the road waving its arms in the air.

The police officers thought they were being waved down by a citizen in distress. But as the officers slowed to approach, it became clear by the size and animalistic countenance of the individual on the side of the road, that it was a Bigfoot that standing there.

Officer Katz had previously encountered a Bigfoot as a child, so she was able to positively identify the figure as an adult male Bigfoot.

When the police cruiser got within 500 yards of the Bigfoot, the creature reared up and jumped across the road. It disappeared into the woods. The officers, while confused why the creature would wave them down, did not pursue the monster.

1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs


1993, Niobara State Park, Nebraska: Bigfoot Blocks Road With Logs

While driving his RV out of Niobara Park, Strom Hickory came upon the most unusual road block he’d ever seen. Even after years of traveling the country alone, Hickory was well versed in all the unusual things one might encounter on the road. But the pile of logs that were neatly and methodically piled up in the middle of the two lane highway was something Hickory had never seen before.

As he sat there looking out the front window at the log road block, Hickory saw something peeking out over the pile. Hickory honked the RV’s horn a few times. That was when the Bigfoot stood up, waved its massive arms, screamed a high pitched scream, then turned and walked away.

Hickory was amazed and completely uncertain why the Bigfoot had made the road block or what it was clearly waiting to happen.

1890, Platte Valley, Nebraska: Wildfires Blamed on Bigfoot


1890, Platte Valley, Nebraska: Wildfires Blamed on Bigfoot

The drought that gripped Nebraska in 1890 was the cause of immense suffering. In the Platte Valley, farmers commiserated about the drought. While holding a meeting at a local church, the alarm was raised. There was a fire. It quickly spread from Old Miller’s fields into the neighboring farms.

The fires burned for nearly a week and burned over 300 acres, decimating whatever crops were growing. After the last smoldering embers were stamped out, an investigation was undertaken. The Smith boy, Alfred, claimed that he heard the hounds barking and ran to the back porch to see what was agitating them. Fearing a fox, he took the shotgun as he went toward the chicken coop.

That is when he saw a 15 foot tall, hairy, wild man run into the barn. The horses started going crazy, so Alfred hung his lantern on the hook near the barn door and slowly entered. As he did, the creature pushed him over. Alfred managed to fire the shotgun once, which missed the monster but enraged the beast. As it swung its arms about, it knocked the lantern over. A fire spread quickly through the barn and into the dry field behind it. Alfred was lucky to escape with his life.

Many people believed the story of the hairy creature’s culpability, but many more thought Alfred Smith was a damned liar.