1976, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Peek A Boo


1976, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Peak A Boo

Jennifer Payton wandered away from her families campsite to skip rock in Lake Superior.  Just as she approached the shore, she saw a large hairy man dart behind a tree.  Then the man peeked out and looked at her from behind the tree.  Unafraid, she ran toward the tree.

The hairy man darted toward another bigger tree.  Then did the same thing.  Peeking one eye out from behind it.  Jennifer was delighted by this game, since her brother never played with her, ever.  So she tore off toward the bigger tree.   The hairy man jumped up and then ran into some bushes.

He used his huge paws to part a little hole in the bushes and peek out at Jennifer.  Jennifer shouted, “I see you!” and raced toward the bushes.  The creature made a long squeaking noise then dove toward the Lake.

Jennifer saw the ripples where the hairy beast jumped in, but did not see her new friend again.