1999, Ryan Falls near Wallace Falls Park, Snohomish County, Washington: Bigfoot Kidnaps Bathing Boy, Furious Pursuit Ensues


1999, Ryan Falls near Wallace Falls Park, Snohomish County, Washington: Bigfoot Kidnaps Bathing Boy, Furious Pursuit Ensues

Damoniko Hampton, aged 6, was playing near Ryan Falls, which is on private property.  He had wandered away from his mother’s boyfriend Jaymee Lincoln, who had parked the car on the side of the interstate to check directions.

Jaymee did not hear little Damoniko’s cries for help, but did see him as he was carried across the interstate by a 12 foot tall hair Bigfoot.  The Bigfoot had snatched Damoniko and held him like a human football as it ran full speed into Wallace Falls Park.  Jaymee claims he was so frightened by seeing the Bigfoot carry off his girlfriend’s child, that he turned around and drove home.

It was a few days before the child was reported missing as Damoniko’s mother thought that he was with her boyfriend and Jaymee was too scared to tell anyone the truth, fearing that no one would believe this is what happened to the child.  Once reported to the police, though, the sheriff deputized a posse and about 25 men went into the woods.

The posse found a trail which looked like a large man was dragging a small child behind.  Several times the tracks abruptly stopped.  The lead tracker, Jim “Bull” Miller, claimed he had tracked Bigfoot before and gotten several rifle shots into the monster, before it managed to give him the slip by climbing into the trees.  Miller suspected, but could not prove, that the Bigfoot had a whole transportation system in the trees, which aided in its ability to hide from the humans.

After 15 hours of searching, the sheriff and his posse found Damoniko sleeping in a pile of leaves. The child had no recollection of what happened.  Unsatisfied, Bull Miller spent the next week in the woods, searching for the Bigfoot kidnapper.  He found little, other than some foot prints and a candy wrapper, which Damoniko said he gave to the Bigfoot.

1967, Loomis State Forest, Washington State

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Spanish tourists, Marta and Ben Geard, claim to have been held hostage by three Bigfoots. Their story goes that while hiking in Loomis State Forest in upstate Washington, the pair were surrounded by three hairy 8 foot creatures. Over the next few days, the creatures ate the couple’s shoes then made them dance on stones on the bank of a river wearing only their socks. The Bigfoots did not let either Marta nor Ben sleep for three nights. Then finally released them after the candy bar supply Marta had in her backpack was all eaten up.