2014, Guerneville, California: Bigfoot Seen Drinking from Hot Tub


2014, Guerneville, California: Bigfoot Seen Drinking from Hot Tub

Noelle Powell was staying with her two dogs in a cabin in the Russian River area. She got up in the middle of the night because her larger dog, London, was barking like a crazy person. Powell, more scared of Meth head hillbillies than any sort of creature, looked out the window where London was furiously barking.

Powell saw a Bigfoot leaning over the uncovered hot tub on the side of her cabin. Powell described the creature as incredibly hairy, over 12 feet tall, and with glowering red eyes. She knocked on the window. The creature looked up with hot tub water dripping down its furry face. Powell yelled at the creature through the window to stop drinking from the hot tub, that that water was nasty. The Bigfoot, clearly, confused by the reprimand, slowly backed off into the darkness.

The next day she called her friend to report the sighting this way, “Clearly it was a Bigfoot, which is ridiculous because everyone knows there is no such thing as Bigfoot.”

2003, Cazadero, California: Bigfoot Walks Basset Hound Along Russian River


2003, Cazadero, California: Bigfoot Walks Basset Hound Along Russian River

Frank Williams was hiking to Guerneville when he spotted a large hominid-like monster creeping along the other side of the Russian River.

Williams stopped dead in his tracks, since he knew that Bigfoot was often seen around Cazadero, since the area is filled with redwoods.  Everyone knows that Bigfoot loves to make hideouts at the tippy top of redwoods.

What struck Williams as so strange, though, was the fact that this massive creature was walking a slow moving basset hound.  Now Williams heard on the news that week that pets and other small animals should be locked up do to wolves and foxes in the area.  But now here was an actual Bigfoot taking a basset hound for a walk.

When Williams told the story to his pals at Forestville Club, they all told him that was just Big Bear Roberts walking old Goober, his dog.  Williams was unswayed by the evidence.