1954, Loxahatchee River, Florida: Father and Daughter See Swimming Bigfoot


1954, Loxahatchee River, Florida: Father and Daughter See Swimming Bigfoot

On a canoe trip along the Loxahatchee River, Alan Smith and his twelve year old daughter Jenny-Mae Smith saw a lot of wild creatures. Jenny-Mae had seen nearly twenty two dragonflies, while Alan kept pointing to various types of fish he saw in the dark river waters.

As the canoe slowly floated along, the pair were chatting about the lack of clouds in the sky, when Jenny-Mae noticed a large dark mass in the middle of the river. At first, Alan thought it was a tree or maybe a sandbar or group of rocks.

As the canoe headed straight for it, Alan tried to steer to the side. Heading first left, then right, but the dark mass appeared to follow the canoe’s heading. It was as if the mass was purposefully getting in the way.

Jenny-Mae’s gasp startled her father. She pointed at the mass and shouted, “Its a bear!”

Only it was no bear swimming in that Florida River. It was a Bigfoot.

As the canoe got within arm’s length of the monster, it dove under the water. Emerging on the the other side of the canoe with a large splash. Alan paddled furiously to get away from the creature. Who seemed to be laughing at the trick it played on the panicked people in the canoe.


1973, Apalachicola River, Florida: Man Sees Bigfoot UFO Circle


1973, Apalachicola River, Florida: Man Sees Bigfoot UFO Circle

Fisherman Gordon Marash was walking to his favorite fishing site before dawn. He stopped to adjust the dial on his small transistor radio when he saw a bright light emerge from the sky. It appeared from behind a group of dark clouds. It started to descend.

Curious, Marash ran toward the descending light. After a few yards, he stopped in his tracks. In front of him maybe 100 yards, was a circle of torches. Marash feared he stumbled upon some criminal enterprise. But was unable to quell his curiosity, so he crept closer to get a better look.

Marash became horrified by what he saw. Standing in a large circle were a group of 8 to 10 Bigfoot. Most of them were holding crude torches, while others stood with their heads turned skyward. All were humming or moaning.

The light in the sky appeared over the group. A spotlight clanged on illuminating the circle of gray and black and red ape creatures with large feet and yellow glowing eyes. Gently each Bigfoot was lifted into the air and taken into the silver saucer in the sky.

Marash felt trapped, like he was in a nightmare, unable to move or even breathe. Paralyzed he watched as all the Bigfoot were taken into the saucer. Then the saucer hovered, spinning faster and faster, before zipping off into the sky.

To this day, Marash is uncertain what he saw was real or if it was a bad dream.

1999, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot


1999, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot

Trucker Jerry Trilling was driving his cab through Ochopee, Florida on his way home. He admitted he drank a bit that night and probably didn’t turn on his headlights, but that was no cause of what happened.

The road is straight along the swamp and Trilling drove it many, many times. In addition, there is never anyone on the road after midnight. Or at least not when Trilling drove it before. This night though, Trilling sped along paying close attention to his speed. Suddenly, he heard a ‘thurnk’ as he felt his cab hit something in the road.

Trilling slammed on the breaks thinking the worst. When he jumped out of the cab, he saw a man down on all fours about fifty feet behind him. Trilling called out to the man, who turned to look at him. It was then that Trilling realized that it was no man he had hit with his truck.

The creature’s face was more ape than man, and it was covered in fur. As it rose to its full height, Trilling was astounded to see it was well over ten feet tall. Trilling slowly backed toward his cab, keeping an eye on the monster in the road.

Just as Trilling climbed back into his cab, the Bigfoot bent over and let out a horrible scream, like a woman’s only higher and more agonized. Trilling jumped into the cab and slammed the door. He peeled out and saw that the Bigfoot chased him for about a quarter mile before suddenly disappearing.

Trilling told his trucker buddies about his encounter. Many of them were well acquainted with that creature having had similar encounters themselves along that same stretch of road.