1984, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Taunts Fisherman


1984, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Taunts Fisherman

While fishing in Quartz Park, Robert Pintoze was terrorized by a mischievous Bigfoot. Pintoze thought he felt a tug on his line, but when he tried to reel it in, he lost control of his rod and it flew into the river.

Amazed, Pintoze stood up. As he did, a brown hairy carpet seemed to float to the surface right where fishing rod went into the river. As Pintoze watched, a Bigfoot emerged from the river. It started splashing and growling and splashing water at Pintoze.

Pintoze was so frightened that he turned on his heels and ran toward his car. He left an expensive lawn chair, a cool full of beer, and a bunch of new fishing equipment behind.

As Pintoze ran away, he is certain that he heard that Bigfoot laughing at him.

1951, Whitman Lake, Alaska: Fisherman Pelted with Pine Cones


1951, Whitman Lake, Alaska: Fisherman Pelted with Pine Cones

Ross Collins was fishing alone. He had caught many fish, but kept only a few.

Collins was gathering up his tackle, when he noticed a pine cone fall a few feet in front of him. He thought it odd, since the nearest pine tree was pretty far back along the trail he came in on.  But Collins knew sometimes things fall from the sky that have no business being in the air in the first place. So he paid it a little attention.

A few minutes later, as he bent over his tackle, he felt something pelt his back. He jerked upright just as the next pine cone landed on his gear.

For the next few minutes, pine cones rained down on Collins. Many of them landing directly on him, others missing him completely. When the barrage was over, he counted at least 35 pine cones.

When he told his friend about the hail of pine cones and detailed where he had been fishing. His friend informed him that spot was very close to a Bigfoot nest and there had been many, many strange sightings and other weird things happening around that spot.

Collins, not believing in Bigfoot, chalked it up to teenagers being bad kids.

1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot


1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot

Richard Duke had been fishing for Crappie all morning. Just as he pulled all his lines in and started on his brown bag lunch.  He heard the bushes near him rustle. He turned in his folding chair to get a better look.

“Thought maybe it was Sly,” Duke said, “coming to sit a spell.”

Instead Duke saw a Bigfoot peeking out at him. It was clearly startled. Its eyes got wider and it let out a little squeak. Then the Bigfoot jumped back. Duke thought he heard it run away.

“I sat there holding my bologna sandwich, my jaw hanging open, thinking ‘I just saw a damn Bigfoot.’ When if those damn bushes do not split open again. Only this time instead of the creature’s head poking through, it was his other end,” Duke chuckled.

“I imagine not too many people have truly, really seen a Bigfoot, let alone get mooned by one!”

2000, Mud Lake #2, Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Mocks Fisherman


2000, Mud Lake #2, Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Mocks Fisherman

George Jason was fishing in the early morning at Mud Lake #2. He had caught two catfish. He was in good spirits, even though it felt like it had started to rain.

Just as George Jason rebaited his hook, he saw a brown mass floating toward him. At first, he thought it was a dead animal, maybe a dog or raccoon. George Jason went back to his hook and bait, not giving the floating debris a second glance.

That is until the mass doubled under itself and splashed water toward him. Surprised, George Jason gasped when he looked up to see a Bigfoot standing in the five foot deep water. The creature was completely soaked, which made it look all the more dangerous, George Jason thought.

The Bigfoot pointed at him. It made a noise that sounded like laughter, then threw its arms into a pantomime of fly fishing. It tilted its head back and cackled with laughter. George Jason was so frightened he just stared at the Bigfoot, the bait slipping through his quivering fingers.

Bigfoot pointed at George Jason, then slapped its massive hand against its dripping wet chest. The the Bigfoot bend over slightly, swung its arm into the water, as a wave swirled near its shoulder, the creature stood to full height again. Only now, the Bigfoot held three to six wiggling fish inbetween its massive fingers.

The creature held the fish up high for  George Jason to see, then reared its head back and roared with monsterous laughter. George Jason claims, to this day, this is why he quit fishing.

1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot


1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot

Jeffery Walton was fishing on Ghost Lake early in the morning. He already caught several muskies and threw back a little walleye.

Walton got a heavy tug on his line, which startled him. He jerked back uncharacteristically since he was an experienced fisherman. He felt that his line was ripping through something. Maybe a sweater or other sort of submerged piece of clothing. When his line broke the surface of the water, the hook dragged up what looked like a wig of brownish yellow hair.

Just as he reached out to grab his line, his unmoving little boat jerked like it ran aground. He fell forward, losing his grip on his fishing pole.  Walton was on the floor of his boat as the whole thing started violently rocking back and forth. He saw a big hairy paw reach out of the water, grab on to the side of the boat. Then Walton was in the water.

His boat capsized, all his gear sank to the bottom. As he swarm to the surface, she saw a dark murky figure standing on the bottom of the lake. Walton described its piercing red eyes, clearly staring at him. He swam as fast as he could to shore.

Walton’s only explanation was that there was a Bigfoot in the lake. Probably fishing itself, when he line hooked into it. Angry the creature flipped his boat. Walton is grateful the monster did not kill him.

1946, Leaf River, Illinois: Fisherman Interrupted by Bathing Bigfoot


1946, Leaf River, Illinois: Fisherman Interrupted by Bathing Bigfoot

Tom Griffin was fishing early in the morning.  While he was eating the cheese sandwich he made for his lunch, he heard some very violent splashing coming from a few hundred yards away, down river.  Thinking maybe a bear or maybe some deer were crossing the river, he continued on with his lunch.

When the splashing got closer, Griffin became more alarmed.  If not for his safety, then for the integrity of his fishing lines.  He stood up and walked a little way down stream, keeping an eye on his belongings.  He heard a low muttering growl, then saw an eight foot tall monster splashing around in the middle of the river.

Griffin stood there, shocked.  Could that really be a Bigfoot in the middle of the river?  And could it really be washing itself like a bathing human?  Griffin was not sure he was willing to find out.  He turned right around and ran out of the woods.  A few hours later he returned with a few friends to gather up his fishing rods and cooler.

He never told anyone about the bathing Bigfoot, though he did write it down in the front of his family bible.  The story was found after Griffin’s death by his daughter, who has no reason to discount her father, since he was a very honest man.

1949, Adler Creek, Sandy, Oregon: Charles McBride Witnesses a Bigfoot Funeral


1949, Adler Creek, Sandy, Oregon: Charles McBride Witnesses a Bigfoot Funeral

While fishing, Charles McBride saw a group of what looked like three bears walking upright move through the forest.  Leaving his kit behind, McBride followed the bear creatures.

After several stops, where the creatures leaned against trees and appeared to weep, the procession stopped at a particularally shallow spot in the river.  The three creatures waded into the Creek.  McBride, then, saw that two of the creatures were carrying a fourth creature.

Two of the Bigfoot washed their dead friend in the creek, smoothing out its fur.  Meanwhile, the third started digging a deep hole with his massive hands.  The three gently lowered the body of their friend into the grave and howled together.  McBride thought he heard a sad melody to the beast’s dirge.

All three Bigfoot filled in the hole.  The smallest of the three gathered up some smooth stones and little rocks, which were carefully arranged on the grave.  Once this ritual was completed, all three Bigfoot ran off in different directions.

Later when McBride tried to return to the grave site, he could not find the rocks nor any evidence of recent digging.  As a result, his story remains widely dismissed as the fantasy of a sun drunk fisherman.