2002, Fort Defiance State Park, Estherville, Iowa: Youth Group Finds Bigfoot Prints


2002, Estherville, Iowa: Youth Group Finds Bigfoot Prints

Lauren Phillips and Drake Smith, leaders of the Unitarian middle school youth group, were leading an day trip to Fort Defiance State Park.  While occupying the kids with pine cone hunting and simple leaf identification activities, Cindy ‘Babe’ Trunk, age 12, discovered some odd impressions around one of the Elm Trees.

Drake was the first one on the scene, “Babe called me over. She was very excited.  She was hopping up and down and pointing at an area of exposed dirt. There were definite footprints there.”

Lauren confirmed that the prints were much larger, “…closer to 14 to 16 inches long and at least 8 inches wide at the widest part.”

Babe tried to keep the other children at bay, but in their enthusiasm to see, most of the better impressions were scuffed or trampled out.