1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape


1976, Basswood Pond State Forest, New York: Bigfoot Captured on Tape

Bigfoot hunter Catherine Sullivan set up her recording gear near Basswood Pond. She and her partner, Donna Simon, placed their idea of Bigfoot bait around the area. This “bait” consisted of tiny baskets filled with one or two apples. Sullivan claimed that Bigfoot loved apples and other fresh fruit, a certainty that came to her in a dream.

Simon and Sullivan were idly chatting around 7:35 PM when Simon stopped the conversation. She motioned for Sullivan to be still. Coming across the pond was a slow moan that grew to a howl. It suddenly stopped, just as Sullivan snapped on the reel-to-reel recorder.

For about twenty minutes, the howling continued. The sound seemed to travel around the lake. Sullivan thinks that the Bigfoot was walking around the lake searching for something, possibly another Bigfoot. She assumed this based on other recordings of the creature which she classified as happy, distressed, and calling out to one another.

Unfortunately, all of Catherine Sullivan’s hours and hours of Bigfoot recordings were destroyed in a house fire in the Summer of 2001. So all we have left are her field notes and stories.