1997, Colville National Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Wounded By Gunman


1997, Colville National Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Wounded By Gunman

Carl Smith was hiking deep in Colville Forest, when he saw a Bigfoot hiding behind a tree a few hundred feet in front of him.

Smith, an avid gun enthusiast, always carried a pistol while hiking, alone in the woods. Smith considered the fame and wealth he could achieve if he killed that Bigfoot and brought it to public attention. So he unholstered his weapon, carefully crept closer to his target, aimed and fired three quick shots at the beast.

The Bigfoot screamed in pain and blood splattered across the trees, so Smith knew he hit the creature. It turned and looked at him with the saddest, most disappointed eyes ever, before scrambling away. Amazed at the Bigfoot’s speed, Smith could not get another volley off at the monster.

Smith examined the spot where the Bigfoot was wounded. Hair and skin and blood were plastered on the leaves and fallen twigs. Smith is sure that it was a mere flesh wound and that the Bigfoot survived, no problem.

Smith tried to sell his story, but it turns out that most people thought he was a jerk for trying to kill the elusive creature.



2011, Sullivan Lake, Colville National Forest, Washington: Salmon Fishermen See Deformed Bigfoot Eating Salmon


2011, Sullivan Lake, Colville National Forest, Washington: Salmon Fishermen See Deformed Bigfoot Eating Salmon

Pembelton McKnight and Tom Burnaby were setting up to fish early in the morning on Sullivan Lake.  McKnight claims to have heard something splashing not too far away.  Thinking it was another fisherman, McKnight tells Burnaby they might want to find another spot.

That is when Burnaby says he saw the shadow outline of a huge creature.  “It had a huge head, bigger than any human head I ever saw. Plus it was hunched over in the most twisted and painful way.  Tell you the truth, it scared me.”

“I got out my smart phone that my daughter gave me for Christmas, but hell if I could work the damn thing,” McKnight lamented.

The two men agreed that the creature was a Bigfoot.  “There have been many sighting of Bigfoot up around these parts,” Burnaby said, “in fact, I was really happy to finally see the big fella.  All this time I spend up at the lake and I never even seen a footprint.”

“Until that day,” laughed McKnight.

“Still, I thought the Bigfoot looked deformed.  Weak and skinny,” Burnaby added.

“Well, he was thigh deep in the water, soaked to the gills, and splashing about trying to grab some breakfast.”

“That is true,” Burnaby concluded.