1996, Mt. Hood Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Dancing


1996, Mt. Hood Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Dancing

Chris Sullivan is hiking alone in the Mt. Hood National Forest. He stops to take some photos with a new camera that his wife bought him for his 30th birthday. As he zooms in to what he thinks might be a woodpecker, he is startled by a large figure moving in and out of his frame.

Curious, Sullivan trains his camera lens on the moving figure. Hoping to catch a bear or something else, what Sullivan sees changes his life forever. He claims he saw several Bigfoot dancing and frolicking.

“It was specific,” Sullivan said, “the way humans dance. With purpose and meaning!”

Sullivan was so shocked by what he saw, he dropped his camera down the cliff. It shattered into a thousand pieces. All the great footage he captured gone in a poof!

Sullivan continues to devote his life to finding that band of dancing Bigfoot again and documenting the most amazing thing he ever saw.