1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man


1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man

Twin sisters, Crystal and Patricia Sosa, were traveling by snowmobile between St. Mary’s and Mt. Village.  It was dusk and the two came from a birthday celebration for their co-worker, Randy Lee Booth.

Crystal was driving since her twin sister, Patricia, was too impaired to drive.  Though the level of impairment remains a matter of some disagreement.

It was Patricia who first saw the shadowy figure racing after them, “It came straight behind us.  Bounding right a long the tracks we left in the snowy mud. At first, I paid little attention to it, thinking it was just some dude.”

“But when the thing started to catch up with us,” Crystal interrupted.

“Can I finish my story?” Patricia snapped.

“Hurry up, then,” Crystal tsk tsked with her tongue, “She always tells the roundabout.”

“I do NOT!”

“What my sister means to say is that, she screamed holy hell, a screech like a trapped wolf,” Crystal said.

“Like a banshee, Mom would say,” Patricia chuckled, “Anyway, as it got closer, I could tell it was another one of those Bigfoot creatures.”

“Mr. Toth has had such a terrible time keeping those monsters out of his chicken house.  They make the most horrible mess of all the waste pails too,” Crystal added matter-of-factually.

“Well, when I screamed, it made Crystal hit the gas and we sped off.  The Bigfoot waved its arms like we were leaving our purses behind, but I could tell it was a trick to get us to stop so it might eat us.”

“Or worse.”

“Or worse,” Patricia agreed.