1963, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Raft Launch


1963, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Raft Launch

Monty Pruitt was smoking cigarettes by the river. He was still upset about being dragged out to on this family vacation. He wanted to go to the water park they just opened, but get eaten alive by fleas.

As Pruitt flicked a cigarette butt into the water, he saw a Bigfoot emerge from the bushes. Pruitt watched in awe as the gigantic creature crept to the edge of the water. It was holding in its hands a small wooden raft. It was maybe the size of a two by four.

The creature ever so gently launched the toy raft into the river. The Bigfoot clapped and seemed to laugh with delight as the little raft floated away. The monster chased after it, obviously very happy with the toy raft’s successful launch.

Pruitt went back to his family and reported what he saw, but none of them believed it.


2000, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Walks Over Hiding Boys


2000, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Walks Over Hiding Boys

Andrew and Mikey Honbosh were playing hide and seek one afternoon on their family’s late season vacation.  Andrew found a great little nook carved under a makeshift footbridge.  It was such a cool spot that Andrew stopped the game and called Mikey over to help him explore the area.

The spot was not at all deep.  More like a spot where some earth fell away down a slight incline under a tree that had fallen.  As Andrew and Mikey imagined all the great improvements they could make to fortify or possibly make a livable space in the nook they heard someone approaching them.

Knowing to be careful while playing in the woods, Andrew drew his younger brother closer and tried to silence him.  The approaching person sounded really big, as all sorts of twigs and branches snapped.  The shuffling sound of leaves kicked up by massive, slow moving feet really upset Mikey.  He was convinced that it was a teenaged bully coming to tease and beat upon them.

What came and stood on the fallen tree above them was not a bully.  Andrew described it was a huge hairy monster. It had little eyes and gigantic teeth. And smelled like a potty.  It had really big feet with awful toenails.  The creature snorted the air a few times, before grunting loudly and walking off.

Both boys remember that they needed a change of underwear after that encounter.