1949, Rifle Gap, Colorado: Bigfoot Shot at by Bird Watcher


1949, Rifle Gap, Colorado: Bigfoot Shot at by Bird Watcher

Mark Ketting pulled his car over to do some impromptu bird watching. Ketting got out of his car and walked a fifty feet into the woods. He was scanning the trees with his binoculars, when something rushed him. It bumped into him and nearly knocked him over.

Ketting started to angrily react, when he got a good look at the beast that slammed into him. Ketting recognized at once that he had been rushed by a Bigfoot. Ketting drew his pistol and managed to get off a few shots at the Bigfoot that was racing away.

Ketting remains convinced that his wounded the beast, but there was no evidence of blood anywhere in the area.

1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets


1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets

At dusk an alarm rang out in the town, what today is Monument Valley, that there was a monster loose.

Quickly, an armed group of men were mobilized and running in the direction of the sighting.  A few pick up trucks followed.  The woman who saw the creature stood, shaking, pointing to the outcropping of rocks.  The men crept into range.  The leader, Jack Doli, called out for the creature to come out.

The response came in the form of a blood curdling scream and then a volley of rocks.  Doli gave the order to fire.  The creature’s hiding place was riddled with a hail of shotgun buckshot and pistol bullets.

As everyone paused to reload, they heard terrible sounds.  It was determined that the hiding monster was wounded and possibly incapacitated.   The posse approached the rocks, they only found some blood splatters and large footprints that lead off into the mesquite.