1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward


1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward

Carson Henke was painting a majestic vista in Baxter State Park. Or at least he was trying to paint the majestic view he saw before him.

Suddenly Henke noticed a large black figure moving slowly across the tree line. Henke was alarmed because the shards of sun light that broke through the trees and foliage, seemed completely absorbed by the figure.

The more Henke watched, the stranger the figure became, for not only did it seem to be eating the sun light around it, the creature seemed to be moving backward. Not like a man walking backward, but more like a movie being rewound.

After doing some research, Henke is sure the creature was a Bigfoot. But Henke is at a loss as to what was happening to it or what it was up to.