1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter


1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter

Exterminator Barney Glazner was hiking around Clatsop Forest. He came upon some small rodent tracks in the snow. Being an expert in pests and rodents, Galzner recognized the tracks as a family of rats. This was an odd thing to see in the forest, let alone this time of year. So Glazner followed the tracks.

After ten or fifteen feet, Galzner noticed that the rat tracks disappeared. Instead, large Bigfoot tracks took over. Completely stamping out the little rat tracks. This startled and alarmed Glazner. He considered turning around and leaving, since Bigfoot really, really frightened him.

That is when he saw the hulking form of a large black Bigfoot couching down to examine something on the ground. The creature sniffed a few times, turned to look at Glazner for a full minute, before continuing to follow the rat tracks.

Glazner is not certain, but he thinks that the rats were the Bigfoot’s pets that somehow got away from him.

1983, Echo Park, Conway, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Steals Camping Man’s Dog


1983, Echo Park, Conway, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Steals Camping Man’s Dog

Irving Finch had spent a week camping in Echo Park with his dog, Chili.  On the last night of his trip, Irv and Chili were playing catch with a tennis ball.  Irv accidentally tossed the ball out of sight.  Chili ran after it.  When the dog did not return, Irving figured Chili had gotten distracted by a mole hole or some other animal.

Irving starts calling for Chili.  Then he slowly walks in the direction where Chili ran off.  As he enters the woods, he starts to hear the dog gleefully playing around.  Chili’s happy barks and growls are mixed with deeper guttural noises which Irving said sounded like an elephant or maybe some sort of bear.

When Irving sees Chili, the dog is catching and returning the tennis ball to a large hairy Bigfoot.  “The darn thing was just sitting on a log playing catch with my little Yorkie!  I darn near fainted.”

Instead, Irving, scared beyond belief that the Bigfoot was going to hurt his dog or himself, Irving gently tried to get the dog to come back toward him.  But Chili was having too much fun.  In fact, when the Bigfoot finally got up, it waved to the dog, before turning and walking off.

Chili bounded after the Bigfoot. Yapping and nipping at its heels.  No matter when Irving did, he could not get Chili to come back.

For years, after this, other campers in the same area of Echo Park claimed to have seen a small dog playing catch with a large hairy man, over 10 feet tall.