1989, Limestone Hills Training Area, Montana: National Guard Exercises Interrupted by Bigfoot


1989, Limestone Hills Training Area, Montana: National Guard Exercises Interrupted by Bigfoot

Maj. James Ward said that while his unit was completing a validation process for some Bradley Fighting Vehicles, some of his soldiers were involved with live fire exercises. It was during one of these exercises, that Pvt. Dave Gassy spied a group of figures couched in the fire line.

“There was just no explaining how or why they were there,” Pvt. Gassy explained, “but I called it in.”

Maj. Ward continued, “At first, Gassy had some trouble getting them to believe him, but it was clear as day that something was out there. First, we thought it might be a bear family, but when we called a cease fire, the creatures stood up.”

“They were tall, sir,” Pvt. Gassy added.

“And hairy, filthy red hair,” Maj. Ward said.

“They cleared out of there fast,” Pvt. Gassy continued, “I think only a few other folks got to see them before they were gone.”

“I have no doubt that we almost blew up a family of Bigfoot,” Maj. Ward said.

Pvt. Gassy nodded, “Sure glad we didn’t.”

1998, Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico: Thermal Vision Camera Captures Three Bigfoot


1998, Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico: Thermal Vision Camera Captures Three Bigfoot

Amateur photographer, Ted Wilkins, captured several figures moving across the field of vision of a set of infrared cameras he set up in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.  Wilkins hoped to capture some nocturnal migrations of small marsupials.

Instead, what Wilkins discovered while reviewing the previous night’s footage were several large ape like creatures with very warm heat signatures crossing his camera’s field of vision.  The littlest one, probably around 6 feet tall, lingered the longest on camera.  The tallest and broadest, close to 12 feet tall with a shoulder breadth of nearly 4 feet, walked slowly but steadily across the field.  The middle sized one scurried behind, tossing something ahead of it, then scooping it up and tossing it again.

Wilkins interpreted the creatures to be a family of Bigfoot.  The smallest one being the mother, the tallest the father, and the middle sized one a child, possibly playing with a crude ball or other toy.

While the video is compelling, it does not prove anything, really.

1958, North Bonneville, Washington: Bigfoot Family Makes First Appearance


1958, North Bonneville, Washington: Bigfoot Family Makes First Appearance

Dennis Morgan and his family were driving across country in a recreation vehicle.  They stopped for the night in North Bonneville right near the Columbia Gorge.  As they were packing up their picnic table dinner, the oldest Morgan boy, Bob, shouted in surprise.

He pointed to the treeline, where a group of five figures moved back and forth.  The figures did not move like people.  In fact, they moved more like apes or very agile bears.  Dennis went into the RV to grab his camera equipment, while his wife Joanie, tried to get their boys inside.

Rick, their youngest at age 10, shouted that those figures were clearly a Bigfoot family!  And he started to run toward the group.  Erik, 12, took off after Rick, shouting that those things were going to eat him up.

Bob shouted to his dad to bring out the rifle.  But when Dennis finally emerged from the RV he was carrying all the camera bags.  There was no way he would get them unzipped, let alone set up in time, considering two of his sons were racing across the field shouting and waving their arms like silly people.

Joanie fainted.

The group at the treeline considered the boys running toward them.  The tallest and widest let out a powerful yell, then scooped up the littlest one, turned and went into the woods.  The female of the group grabbed the middle sized one by its hand and yanked it away from a beehive it was poking with a stick.

All the Morgan men’s description of the beasts differed wildly.  Even the drawings the boys made had major dependencies.   For instance, Rick had the fur dark red, while Erik had them all different colors.  While Bob said they looked more like brown bears than apes.  Dennis was bitterly disappointed that he did not get “the shot of a lifetime.”  A fact he continued to bemoan for the rest of his life.