1965, Sam Houston National Forest, Texas: Hiker Mesmerized


1965, Sam Houston National Forest, Texas: Hiker Mesmerized

Mike Christian was hiking along Lone Star trail when he thought someone was following him. He walked a bit faster, but slowed himself up by constantly checking over his shoulder. Every rustle or snapped twig set the hair on the back of his neck to stand up.

He barely noticed when he approached the dark, overgrown section of the trail. A part of the forest where the foliage was so thick that it blocked out the sun. Christian was well into the darkened grove, when he heard the cracking of knuckles and a low guttural growl.

He started to run back the way he came but the sudden crack of a tree stopped him cold. If Christian ran three more steps, the thick tree branch that fell would have crushed him. He shrieked and ran the opposite way. He shouted for help and was waving his arms, trying to scare off whatever animal followed him.

Just as he saw the meadow beyond the trees, the butterflies floating in bright sunlight, Christan came face to face with a monster. Bigfoot had stalked him for miles. Now it stood blocking the path. It was brown, with a gigantic head, beady eyes, and enormous teeth that drooled down on its heaving chest. It bent down and roared in Christian’s face.

Christan fainted. When he woke up, a group of teenagers stood around him. He was soaking wet and covered in scrapes and mud. He was miles from where he last remembered being. And the teenagers who found him could offer no explanation as to how he got there or how long he was blackout.

To this day, Christan believes that Bigfoot put him under a magic spell and kept him as a prisoner for days, though there is little evidence, physical or otherwise, to support his belief.

1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her


1989, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky: Wilma Than Claims Bigfoot Impregnated Her

Wilma Than claims she was abducted from her Bee Rock campsite by a black and red haired Bigfoot.  The creature, Than continued, smelled like pine cones and sexy musk, had nearly perfectly white teeth, and feet larger than most men.

The Bigfoot grabbed Than and whisked her off into the woods.  Before Than could cry out, the creature had her back at its nest.  Than described the Bigfoot den as rather cozy, if somewhat primitive.

“After a few days of wooing me,” Than wrote in her journal, “the creature finally consummated the relationship.  Immediately, I knew I was pregnant with our love child.”

Than claims that Bigfoot babies only take three weeks to gestate.  Once the infant was born, the Bigfoot’s whole demeanor toward Than cooled.  “Typical male,” Than laments, “once he got what he wanted, I was fried shoelaces.”

A few days later, Than woke up and the Bigfoot and their infant baby were both gone.  “Never did see either one of them again.  But the worst part? I had to walk back to camp on my own.”

2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions Arise That Missing Hikers Abducted


2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions Arise That Missing Hikers Abducted

New evidence in the missing hikers, Trenny Gibson and Thelma Pauline Melton, comes to light when a suspicious package and letter are discovered at a ranger’s station lookout in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The package which consisted of a used burlap sack contained several items. Upon inspection, it was deterimed that three of the items belonged to Trenny Gibson, missing since 1981. Several other items clearly belonged to Thelma Pauline Melton, missing since 1987. Authorities did not reveal the specifics of the items found.

But the interesting thing was that the burlap sack seemed to be covering in coarse, fine apelike hair. Samples were sent to a leading forensic lab for further analysis.

Some have postulated that the hair was similar to hairs found stuck to branches and trees. These hairs are widely considered authentic Bigfoot hair. Many think now that the missing hikers were abducted by lonely Bigfoot who roam the Great Smoky region.

A call has been made to the local authorities to follow up on this new development and not rule out the potential hostile abduction by Bigfoot angle.