1947, Woods Canyon Lake, Arizona: Cub Scout Troop Leader Sees Bigfoot


1947, Woods Canyon Lake, Arizona: Cub Scout Troop Leader Sees Bigfoot

Daniel Davis was leading a weekend camp out with his church’s Cub Scout troop. Davis claims he saw a Bigfoot creeping around the lake edges.

Davis described the creature as “Incredible. It was very tall, with large deep set eyes spaced far apart. It had massive arms and thick thighs. It had thin white hair that covered its whole body and was thickly matted around the shoulders and back. It moved slowly and did not seem to have a care in the world.”

Davis did not tell any of the Cub Scouts, at the time he saw the Bigfoot. He was worried about starting a panic among the children. But when Davis returned home, he told everyone he knew. Many did believe him and accompanied him back to the spot several times over the next few years. But the creature was never seen again.

1985, Auger Creek, Arizona: Man Finds Prints in Mud


1985, Auger Creek, Arizona: Man Finds Prints in Mud

While hiking around Auger Creek, Sam Wittershine noticed some unusual indentations in the dried mud near a waterfall.

Wittershine went over the investigate. As he leaned over to get a better look, he lost his balance and fell forward. In order, not to fall he took a step forward, but slipped and ended up falling into the creek.

By the time Wittershine climbed out of the creek, he managed to upset the mud where the indentations were located.

While he admits he did not get a good look, Wittershine is convinced he came across the footprints of a North American Bigfoot.


1941, Happy Jack Logging Camp, Arizona: Bear Chased by Bigfoot


1941, Happy Jack Logging Camp, Arizona: Bear Chased by Bigfoot

Lumberjacks Ezra Stretchan and Jack Fischer returned to their cabin at Happy Jack camp. They were getting ready for dinner, Stretchan was outside smoking a cigarette when he called for Fischer to come outside as quickly as possible.

The annoyed Fischer stuck his head out of the cabin door to see what Stretchan was so riled up about. Fischer saw one of the largest black bears he ever laid on upon running full tilt down the side of the hill.

Just as Stretchan was about to speculate on what scared that bear off, the two loggers saw a “huge, red gorilla-like giant crash through the cedars.” The monster was over 15 feet tall, with powerful rippling muscles and feet that defied all science.

The two loggers stood petrified as the creature lumbered down the side of the hill, growling and grunting as it slowly chased after the running bear.

While neither Stretchan nor Fischer talked about what they saw until years later, Fischer admitted that the two went out and bought shotguns to keep in their cabin with their next paychecks.