1999, Lake Darling State Park, Iowa

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! While walking his border collie Peaches, Reginald “Red” Bushcamp encounters a strange and horrible creature. Just on the other side of Lake Darling, in the underbrush, Red sees an undulating hulk of debris. Unable to restrain Peaches, the dog bolts into the Lake, frantically barking as it swims toward the creature. The Creature rises to its full height of 9 feet while beginning to throw logs and other leaves into the water. As Peaches approaches the far bank, the Creature turns and sprints into the woods, headed toward the flat land and 80th Street Northwest. Red unable to coax Peaches back across the Lake is forced to walk back to his truck and drive to the other side. After a few hours, he finds Peaches sleeping in a pile of leaves near where the Creature was first seen.